Undergraduate Career Information

In addition to the great resources at Career Services in Gordon Hall, the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies posts information about careers for the Health Studies, Physical Health Education and Kinesiology students.

Each year, we ask graduating students about their career plans and post them as "End Notes" and have found this a quick "snapshot" of the many directions our students go!

Consider Volunteering

Many students volunteer to supplement their education and get hands-on experience, either during the Spring-Summer break or following graduation.  

Read about one student's experience in Lima, Peru! [PDF]

 Career Workshops

A Career Committee made up of student representatives from Health Studies, Physical Health Education and Kinesiology plan a series of workshops during the Fall-Winter Session to provide information for students in these programs to help them with their career strategies.

Workshops are advertised in the weekly UG News- mark your calendar!

Career Survey

"Where do they go when they leave our program?"  A survey of PHE and KIN alumni done in Winter 2015.

Above:  Students explore post-degree opportunities at the SKHS Career and Future Education Expo, an annual event sponsored by the Career Committee.