Career Information for BPHE

BPHE Skills

The BPHE curriculum will enable students to graduate with the following skills (see above):

  • The ability to write and verbally communicate in a manner consistent with the demands of a professional workplace.
  • The ability to provide health promotion services to the community.
  • The ability to create and manage community-based physical activity programs for targeted populations (e.g. children, elderly, elite athletes).
  • The ability to advocate for physical activity interventions in communities.
  • The ability to coach and develop talent in people involved in sport and physical activity.
  • The foundations of knowledge necessary to progress to other professional pursuits (i.e. teaching, health professions, policy professions).
  • The foundations of knowledge necessary to proceed to graduate studies.

BPHE Career Paths

Approximately one third of the BPHE graduating class pursue careers in the education field. The dual degree, a specialization in Physical Education, and an interest in coaching make such graduates especially valuable in the school setting. Other graduates seek employment in:

  • fitness centres and personal consulting firms
  • private sports clubs
  • provincial and federal government sports agencies
  • community colleges and universities
  • health care centers and institutions
  • recreation agencies and centres
  • private business and enterprises related to the sale of sports equipment, services, and fitness facilities
  • outdoor education, leisure sports centres, and camps
  • federal and provincial correctional institutions
  • industrial and corporate fitness and sports programs
  • leadership and coaching roles in community sports clubs and associations
  • and, various professions following further study in such areas as the allied health field (athletic training, rehabilitation therapy, chiropractor, gerontology, etc.), graduate studies, and sport management (MBA., MPA., Diploma in Sports Administration, etc.)
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