Physical & Health Education End Notes 2012

"Oh the directions they go!" Read about the career plans of Physical and Health Education students as submitted by them at the time of graduation.

I have started a job as a research assistant in the field of fisheries biology. Our current research is using biotelemtry to assess the behaviour and habitat use/requirements of lake sturgeon in the St. Lawrence River. This research will hopefully be used to determine effective ways of protecting and rehabilitating populations of this fish. B.K. - BPHEH SPF PHED

Next year I will be attending the Canadian College of Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy with the hopes of specializing in sports massage. My goal is to work with athletes at the professional level. I may continue on to Athletic Therapy education after becoming a registered Massage Therapist. S.B. - BPHEH SPF PHE

I am beyond excited to be returning to Queen's University this September as a Teacher Candidate in the Faculty of Education! After this one-year program I will be qualified to teach Physical Education and English at an Intermediate/Senior level. My undergraduate degree has provided me with the knowledge, confidence and necessary skills I will need to achieve my future goals as a teacher.   A.C. - BPHEH SPF PHED

I will be attending McGill University for a Master of Applied Science in Physical Therapy this fall.  At present I'm working for Queen's at an assisted exercise program for people living with mobility impairments and coordinating exercise programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.  J.B. - BPHEH SPF PHED

Starting in September 2012, I will begin a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.  The program is 24 months with a combination of classroom learning, group labs/projects and clinical placements in and around the Toronto area.  My hope is to explore the great variety of career options for physiotherapists and determine what area of specialization intrigues me the most.  J.B. - BPHEH SPF PHED

I will be attending Humber College this fall for the Pre-Service Firefigher Education and Training Program.  I will then be applying to Norther College for the Paramedic Bridging Program for the following year.  After graduating with Firefighter and Paramedic certificates I plan to volunteer with a Fire Department, whil applying for full-time positions in both fields.  A.T. - BPHE GEN PHED

I am excited to continue my education, here at Queen's University, in the Bachelor of Education program.  I will be entering the Intermediate/Senior program, with the prospect of teaching Phys. Ed. and Biology.  After graduating, I hope to pursue a Master's degree and travel.  L.R. - BPHEH SPF PHED

I have accepted a full-time job at the Physical Therapy Clinic at Queen's as a Physiotherapy Aide while taking a few more undergraduate courses next year.  I am hoping to do a Master's in Physiotherapy after this year.  E.G. -BPHEH SPF PHED