Physical & Health Education End Notes 2013

"Oh the directions they go!" Read about the career plans of Physical and Health Education students as submitted by them at the time of graduation.

I am now a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, training both amateur and professional hockey players.  My own sporting success has led me to become an aspiring Olymian (Discus).  My experience at Queen's is one that I will never forget!   G.H. - BPHE SPF PHED

I am lucky enough to be returning to Queen's University this September as a Teacher Candidate in the Faculty of Education.  Following this one-year program I will be qualified to teach Physical Education at the Intermediate/Senior level.  My long-term goals include pursuing a Master's degree and working in the Ontario Ministry of Education where I hope to promote physical activity in Schools.  A.B. - BPHE SPF PHED

This fall I will be attending the University of Ottawa for the Master of Science program in Occupational Therapy (M.Sc.OT).  It is with hopes that upon graduating from this two-year program that I will have the opportunity to work with children within the school board, as well as be able to include my love and passion for animals by incorporating animal-assisted therapy into clinical practice. K.C. - BPHE SPF PHED

In September 2013 I will begin a two-year Masters in Kinesiology program at Western University.  Working with Dr. Karen Danylchuk, I will be studying the area of sports management - more specifically the role of marketing within sport.  Although I am uncertain about my plans post-graduation, I am hopeful that the internship that accompanies this program will open my eyes to the many facets of sport business and provide me with potential career opportunities for the future!  T.H. - BPHE SPF PHED

Over the next few months I have the opportunity to represent Queen's University as an Admissions Representative.  I get the chance to learn more about what our school has to offer and share that with high school students all across Ontario.  In the future I hope to pursue studies in global health or health promotion and see where that can take me!  C.S. - BPHE SPF PHED

This fall I will be luck enough to be returning to Queen's University to do one more year at the Faculty of Education with the hopes of teaching high school gym and history classes.  Aftr finishing my final year of schooling I also plan on doing a lot of travelling before starting my career, which includes trips to Greece, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand and California.  Good luck to all future students who may read this, you will truly fall in love with Queen's and especially the Phys Ed/Kin program (if I had a choice, I would NEVER leave)!  M.W. - BPHE SPF PHED

Over the next couple of months I will be busy working to save money, in order to fulfill my lifeling dream of travelling to Australia and New Zealand.  I plan to be overseas for a couple of months and when I return to Ontario my plans are still up in the air, but will include working in a health- or sports-related field.  My advice to future students, cherish your time at Queen's, as it goes by too fast!  K.G. - BPHE SPF PHED

Now that I have finished a Phys. Ed. degree I have decided to take a year out of traditional academics to travel, meet people and experience life outside of school for a while.  I will begin in Paris, attending the Cuisine Program at Le Cordon Bleu and learning to be a professional chef while also taking courses on Wine as a kind of minor degree.  In the fall, I will return to Ontario and use my MCAT scores (among other aspects of the application) to apply to programs in health care, including Medical, Physician's Assistant and Nursing schools to begin my health education again in Fall 2014.  After this I will continue to learn more about food by hopefully working or volunteering in the industry while taking classes in Baking at Le Cordon Blue Ottawa campus.  This will last until December and afterwards I will be off to parts unknown!  P.W.M. - BPHE SPF PHED

In the fall I will be returning to Queen's as a Teacher Candidate in the Faculty of Education.  After this, I will be able to teach physical education and geography at the Intermediate/Senior level.  I look forward to working with kids and promoting and encouraging active and health lifestyles.  I hope to one day gain experience teaching abroad and look forward to what the future holds!  I will always cherish my wonderful years at Queen's in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.  L.F. - BPHE SPF PHED

This September I will be starting a Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa in conjunction with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.  My research will focus primarily on the development of autologous cell therapies for vascular diseases such as pulmonary arterial hypertension.  Following the completion of my graduate studies, I intend to pursue a career in academia.  Thanks to my peers and mentors at the SKHS for their years of friendship and guidance.  W.F. - BPHE SPF PHED