Physical & Health Education End Notes 2014

"Oh the directions they go!" Read about the career plans of Physical Education students as submitted by them at the time of graduation.

I am excited to say that in the Fall I am headed to OISE at the University of Toronto as a Teacher Candidate.  Following this one-year program, I will be qualified to teach at the Junior/Intermediate level, with a teachable in Health and Physical Education.  I hope to eventually teach abroad, and I look forward to what the future brings!  If any future PHE/KINs read this, cherish your time at Queen's, it goes by way too fast!   C.H.  - BPHE SPF PHED

I am taking a year off from school before pursuing a Masters of Public Health.  I am currently working as a Youth Worker in a Metis Settlement where I organize recreational programming that promotes positive youth development.  I also plan on working in New Zealand to gain international work experience relevant to my degree.   T.J. - BPHE SPF PHED