Examination Information

December/April Exams

School of Kinesiology & Health Studies Policies Regarding Exams

  • As per University regulations, requests for accommodations for exams, midterms and course assignments must be received by the instructor in a timely manner and at least a week in advance of the test or due date. Students who are entitled to accommodations (e.g. special requirements such as additional time for written tests) are asked to discuss their requirements with the instructor at the start of the course. Official documentation is required to support such requests. Do NOT leave requests to the last minute.
  • Students who are unable to write tests/exams on the published date are not permitted to write in advance of the class, except if the instructor is setting an alternative test/exam for the student(s) making the request.
  • Requests for an alternate midterm/exam time or an extension for course assignments for the purpose of accommodating travel arrangements for personal reasons, either during the term or before the end of the University's official exam period will be automatically denied.
  • Except in extenuating circumstances, deferred exams must be written no later than within the first two weeks of the subsequent term. When possible, a common deferred exam date will be set for all students in the course.

Exam Accommodations

In order of priority:

Matters of Human Rights

DISABILITIES: Please note that it is important to contact Disability Services (St. Lawrence Bldg. 533-6467) as early as possible in the academic year to allow time for you to be registered for special needs consideration. Students already registered with Disability Services (St. Lawrence Bldg. 533-6467) should request accommodation from the instructor at least one week prior to the exam or test. Students not yet registered with Disability Services may request accommodation, but it may not be possible to provide the appropriate accommodations in a timely fashion in such instances.

FAITH OBSERVANCE: Should you require accommodation due to faith observance, please contact the instructor as early as possible to allow appropriate alternative arrangements to be made. If requests for accommodation are not made at least one week prior to the exam or test, it may not be possible to accommodate in a timely fashion.
Extenuating Circumstances beyond a Student's Control

ILLNESS: You are expected to comply with Academic Regulation 9b Illness, etc. If you are too ill to write an exam you must document this either with a medical certificate (if available) or by notifying the instructor in writing (with your signature). If you are ill for an extended period of time, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor immediately on your return to campus.