Course Summaries

The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies posts summaries of individual courses which expands of the course description in the Calendar. It includes the course description, course objectives, contact hours, textbooks, methods of evaluations and course outline. The summaries posted are based on the most recent offering of the specific course.

Detailed Course Outlines

Professors post detailed course outlines on Moodle which are available to students currently registered in the course.

Independent Courses

Fourth-year students are allowed, with special permission, to get course credit for independent work supervised by a professor.

PHGY 210, 212 and 214/6.0

The content of KNPE 125/3.0 and KNPE 225/3.0 overlaps the content of PHGY 210, 212, 214/6.0.  Therefore, these KNPE courses are exclusions to PHGY 210/6.0 (etc.).

  • For Honours HLTH students who have previously taken PHGY 210/6.0 (etc.), it will act as a direct substitution for KNPE 125/3.0 (HLTH students do not normally have access KNPE 225/3.0).  Students must ask for permission and sign an Academic Exception Report in the SKHS UG Office. The other 3.0 units of PHGY 210/6.0 (etc.) will count towards your electives.