Course Summaries

One-page course summaries expand the official course descriptions by including additional information on textbooks, course objectives, course evaluation methods, the main topics in the course outline and the name of the course instructor. The summaries posted are based on the most recent offering of the specific course.

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Health Studies

HLTH101 - Social Determinants of Health [PDF]

HLTH102 - Physical Determinants of Health [PDF]

HLTH200 - Physical Fitness and Wellness [PDF]

HLTH205 - Introduction to Health Promotion [PDF]

HLTH230 - Basic Human Nutrition [PDF]

HLTH237 - Introduction to The Study of Alcohol and Drug Problems [PDF]

HLTH252 - Introduction to Research Methods [PDF]

HLTH305 - Fundamentals of Health Policy [PDF]

HLTH315 - Theory and Practice of Health Behaviour Change [PDF]

HLTH323 - Introduction to Epidemiology [PDF]

HLTH325 - Epidemiology of Physical Activity, Fitness and Health [PDF]

HLTH331 - Advanced Human Nutrition [PDF]

HLTH333 - Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality [PDF]

HLTH334 - The Politics of Health and Illness [PDF]

HLTH350 - Topics in Global Health [PDF]

HLTH352 - Research-Based Internship [PDF]

HLTH397 - Special Topics in Health Studies I and II [PDF]

HLTH399 - Special Topics in Health Studies I and II [PDF]

HLTH415 - Program Design and Evaluation [PDF]

HLTH430 - Sociocultural Studies of Food [PDF]

HLTH432 - Disease, Disability and Quality of Life [PDF]

HLTH434 - Social Movements in Health [PDF]

HLTH435 - Seminar on HIV/AIDS Prevention [PDF]

HLTH456 - Survey of Research and Literature in Health Studies [PDF]

HLTH491 - Special Project in Health Studies [PDF]

HLTH493 - Fall 2015 Topic:  Cticial Health Promotion [PDF]

HLTH495 - Advanced Studies in Health Studies II [PDF]

HLTH497 - Special Topics in Health Studies I [PDF]

HLTH497 - Special Topic: Health and the Built Environment [PDF] Winter 2015

HLTH499 - Special Topics in Health Studies II [PDF]

HLTH595 - Honours Thesis in Health Studies [PDF]


HLTH405 - Canadian Health Policy [PDF] Last offered 2013-14