Independent Study Courses for Fourth-Year HLTH Students

Independent courses are intended to be used by students wanting to do an intensive study of a specific topic or research question and are designed to be a self-directed study under the supervision of a faculty adviser.


The following course is intended for students who wish to gain experience working in a research laboratory:

An 80-hour internship for students in Health Studies working in the research labs and on research projects of SKHS faculty members.  Includes a seminar series covering research topics and methodologies in:  Applied Exercise Science; Epidemiology; Health Promotion; Psychology of Sport, Physical Activity and Health; and Sociology of Sport and Health 

Community-Based Internship

It is the responsibility of the individual student to seek, apply and arrange internships with assistance from the Internship Coordinator, Michelle McCalpin.  These community-based practical internships should be related to a student's field of study. 

  • 2017-18 HLTH 300 Opportunities for students.  Deadline: MAR 13, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.
  • HLTH 300 Community Based Internship (course description to be posted).


The following course is intended for students who wish to gain experience researching a topic in depth by reviewing the current literature on that topic.

  • HLTH 456/3.0 Survey of Research and Literature in Health Studies


The following course is for students wanting experience undertaking a research-based or applied project.

  • HLTH 491/3.0 Special Project in Health Studies


This course is an honours-level thesis.

  • HLTH 595/6.0 Honours Thesis in Health Studies

Detailed instructions about independent courses [PDF] - contains detailed information about independent courses including information about requirements, developing a course proposal, finding a supervisor, obtaining course approval, deadlines and so on.

The following forms are required for particular courses.  Note - some browsers do not support PDF forms. If you're not able to fill in the form, please right-click the link, save the form to your desktop, and open in your dedicated PDF reader.

HLTH 352/.30 Form
HLTH 456/3.0 Form
HLTH 491/3.0 Form
HLTH 595/6.0 Form