Note: Kinesiology and Physical Health Education course codes were changed to KNPE as of SEPT 2010.

One Page Course Summaries

One-page course summaries expand the official course descriptions by including additional information on textbooks, course objectives, course evaluation methods, the main topics in the course outline and the name of the course instructor. The summaries posted are based on the most recent offering of the specific course.

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BPHE (Honours) and BSCH KINE

Courses are restricted to those registered in a Kinesiology or Physical Health Education program with the following exceptions and subject to available space to a maximum of 24.0 course units. 

  • BA(H) HLTH: KNPE 251/3.0, KNPE 253/3.0, KNPE 335/3.0 and KNPE 365/3.0. 
  • All other undergraduate programs: KNPE 353/3.0, KNPE 367/3.0, KNPE 450/3.0, KNPE 459/3.0 and KNPE 473/3.0

Note:  Although KNPE 125/3.0 and KNPE 225/3.0 are exclusions to PHGY 210/1.0, they are not accepted as a prerequisite for PHGY 350/3.0. Students who take PHGY 210/6.0, PHGY 212/6.0 or PHGY 214/6.0 after first having taken KNPE 125/3.0 and KNPE 225/3.0 will get 12.0 course units for these courses.  If PHGY 210/6.0, PHGY 212/6.0 or PHGY 214/6.0 is taken before KNPE 125/3.0 and KNPE 225/3.0 students will only get 6.0 course units for these courses.

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Note - HLTH Course Summaries [link]

KNPE 125 - Introduction to Human Physiology

KNPE 153 - Introductory Biomechanics

KNPE 167 - Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport and Physical Activity

KNPE 203 - The Art and Science of Coaching

KNPE 225 - Advanced Human Physiology

KNPE 227 - Exercise Physiology

KNPE 237 - Physical Activities for Children  

KNPE 251 - Introduction to Statistics

KNPE 254 - Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement

KNPE 255 - Physical Activity, Fitness and Health

KNPE 261 - Motor Learning

KNPE 265 - Psychology of Sport and Exercise

KNPE 327 - Exercise Physiology Laboratory

KNPE 330 - Athletic Therapy Field Placement

KNPE 331 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

KNPE 333 - Physical Activity for Persons with Disabilities 

KNPE 335 - Physical Activity and Aging

KNPE 336 - Community Field Placement in Exercise, Disability and Aging

KNPE 343 - Instructional Leadership for Health and Fitness

KNPE 345 - The Science and Methodology of Sport Training Conditioning Programs

KNPE 346 - Strength and Conditioning Field Placement

KNPE 352 - Research-Based Internship

KNPE 354 - Occupational Biomechanics and Physical Ergonomics

KNPE 355 - Clincial Fitness Assessment Laboratory

KNPE 363 - Psychology of Sport and Performance

KNPE 365 - Physical Activity and Health Behaviour Counselling

KNPE 367 - Fitness, the Body and Culture

KNPE 371 - Sport and Recreation Management

KNPE 393 - Special Topics in Physical Education and Kinesiology I

KNPE 395 - Special Topics in Physical Education and Kinesiology II

KNPE 400 - Professional Practice in Allied Health

KNPE 427 - Exercise, Nutrition and Metabolism

KNPE 429 - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Control During Exercise

KNPE 430 - Athletic Therapy Internship

KNPE 436 - Advanced Internship in Exercise, Disability and Aging

KNPE 446 - Strength and Conditioning Internship

KNPE 450 - Ergonomics

KNPE 454 - Applications in Biomechanics

KNPE 455 - Advanced Physical Activity and Health

KNPE 456 - Survey of Research and Literature in Physical Education or Kinesiology

KNPE 459 - Clinical Exercise Physiology

KNPE463 - Community-Based Physical Activity Promotion

KNPE465 - Psychology of Sport Expertise

KNPE469 - The Olympic Games

KNPE473 - Cultural Studies in Sport and Physical Activity

KNPE491 - Special Project in Physical Education or Kinesiology

KNPE493 - Special Topics in Physical Education or Kinesiology I

KNPE495 - Special Topics in Physical Education or Kinesiology II

KNPE595 - Honours Thesis in Physical Education or Kinesiology


KNPE 253 - Ergonomics and Human Factors (Retired, last offered in 13-14)

KNPE353 - Biomechanics (Retired, last offered in 13-14)

Courses Limited to BPHE (Honours)

Note: Students registering in some practicum courses will need to submit forms to the SKHS, see menu item to right.

PACT P01 - Aquatics

PACT 100 - Fundamental Practicum in Physical Activity

PACT 200 - Intermediate Practicum

PACT 237 - Practicum in Physical Activity for Children            

PACT 300 - Advanced Practicum (Instruction)

PACT 333 - Practicum in Physical Activity for Persons with Disabilities

PACT 335 - Practicum in Physical Activity for Seniors

PACT 338 - Outdoor Education I (Fall Camp School)

PACT 400 - Advanced Practicum in Coaching

PACT 403 - Coaching Internship

PACT 438 - Outdoor Education II (Winter Camp School)

Archived Course Descriptions

Visit Course archives - these are posted for the convenience of former BPHE (Concurrent) students who may have a need for them for accreditation purposes.