Practicum Courses for BPHE Programs

Students registering in these activity courses must submit the following forms. There are currently a mix of form types: PDF or MSWord files which must be brought into the office or submitted via email and web forms which are submitted online. The forms are only available for limited times appropriate to the course.


Form Due

PACT 200/3.0 [PDF] Intermediate Practicum


PACT 300/3.0 [PDF] Advanced Practicum (Instruction)

PACT 300/3.0 Form

PACT 338/3.0 [PDF] Outdoor Education I (Fall Camp School)

PACT 338/3.0 Application Form [PDF]July 2014
PACT 338/3.0 Information [PDF] 
PACT 338/3.0 Clothing and Equipment [PDF] Information 
PACT 338/3.0 Waiver Form and Appendix [PDF] 

FRI AUG 29 - FRI SEPT 5, 2014 Camp Oconto

  • FRI AUG 29  - ETA class begins at 3:00 p.m. in KHS. 
  • SAT AUG 30 - Departure for camp, 8:00 a.m. from SKHS Building
  • FRI SEPT 5  - Return to campus, ETA at SKHS Building around 5:00 p.m.

KNPE 400/3.0 Advanced Practicum (Coaching) Information to be posted as soon as it is available.

PACT 403/3.0 [PDF] Intensive CoachingFall-Winter
PACT 403/3.0 Form [PDF]Fall-Winter

PACT 438/3.0  [PDF] Outdoor Education II (Winter Camp School)

Not offered
PACT 438/3.0 Form 
PACT 438/3.0 Waiver Form  [PDF]
PACT 438/3.0 Information 

PACT 438/3.0 Clothing and Equipment Information [PDF]


 PACT 438/3.0 Clothing Suggestions to Stay Warm [PDF]