Scholarship & Awards

SKHS Scholarship and Awards ceremony

The following awards require nominations. Recipients will be announced at the annual Awards Reception at the end of Winter Term to which all nominees will be invited. 

Annual Contribution Awards

Please see the following nomination forms for the description of awards, elibilibility requirements and nomination instructions.

The following prize will be awarded during the 2015-16 academic year and announced during the Awards Reception in March 2016.

Submission Deadline for all of the above:  FRI FEB 27, 2015

2015 PHE Canada Student Award

PHE Canada annually recognizes students in undergraduate PHE programs at Canadian universities.  The successful candidate will serve as liason between PHEKSA and PHE Canada during 2015-16 and will receive a student membership in PHE Canada for one year as well as a Student Award Certificate. 

Submission Deadline:  FRI FEB 27, 2015 (see above)

Health Studies Award of Excellence

Established in Fall-Winter 2012-13, the Health Studies Award of Excellence is awarded to the student in Health who best demonstrates academic excellence, strong leadership within the Health Studies student body, and has an examplary record of volunteer work that aims to improve individual or community health in Kingston.

Submission DeadlineFRI FEB 27, 2015 (see above)