Taking A Course for Credit Elsewhere

Letter of Permission

  • Found out about a fantastic course at another university that you’d love to take?
  • Need to get an extra course credit over the spring-summer and would prefer to take it at a university closer to home?
  • Need a concentration core, option or elective course but it isn’t being offered at Queen’s next term?

In order to take a course at another institution and be allowed to count it towards your Queen’s degree, you’ll need to apply for a Letter of Permission through the Faculty of Arts & Science.

  • Locate a course that is being offered at another university to see if there are any courses being offered at a time when you can take it. The Canadian Universities website (maintained by the U. of Waterloo) is a good place to start your search.
  • Once you have a possibility of a course, you can either go to or contact the Faculty of Arts & Science Office on the main floor of Dunning Hall (613) 533-2470 to determine if this course has ever been assessed for transfer credit. If it has been assessed before, apply for a Letter of Permission.
  • If has never been assessed before, you can apply for a LOP through the Faculty Office and put the paperwork into action (there is a small cost for this)
  • Some students do some advance work in order to avoid losing the cost of the LOP for a course that is not acceptable. In this case contact the Undergraduate Chair in the correct department, e.g. for a philosophy course, it will be the U.G. Chair in PHIL who will assess the course description, so go to the Undergraduate Office in Philosophy for assistance. Be sure to take them a complete course description and a copy of your transcript. If acceptable, go to the Faculty Office and do the paperwork for an LOP.
  • Anna van der Meulen, SKHS Undergraduate Coordinator, does all the transfer credit assessments for HLTH/PHED courses. If you want a pre-assessment, drop off a complete course description and transcript to KHS 206. If approved, apply for a Letter of Permission.
  • Apply for admission as a visiting student and register at the alternate university by their deadlines.
  • At the completion of the course arrange to have an official transcript sent directly from the Registrar at the alternate University to the Faculty of Arts & Science (see instructions on your formal Letter of Permission) and the Arts & Science Letter of Permission Officer will arrange to have the transfer credit appear on your Queen's transcript.

For more information go to the Faculty of Arts & Science Taking Courses at Another University website.