How to Apply - Upper Year Transfer

Transfer to Health Studies is only available to current Queen's Arts & Science students (see below).

Please note that the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies is unable to accept upper-year transfer students from other universities into Health Studies. This also includes Queen's non-Arts and Science students, e.g. Commerce, Nursing, etc.

Upper-year Arts & Science students who'd like to request a plan change to Health Studies do so through a link on the Arts & Science Changes to your Program/Plan website.  The Request Program Change website is only available two weeks a year, during Program Selection, i.e. May 15-26, 2017.

Students are advised of the following:

  • They will need to meet the same minimum requirements as YR1 ASC students for requesting a HLTH program - please refer to the information posted on Prospective Students - Health Studies, Applying from YR1 ASC
  • All HLTH programs require you to take certain core courses in sequence which is why it is critical for students to have taken HLTH 101/3.0 (Social Determinants of Health) before requesting a Health Studies program. For example, in the HLTH-M-BAH (Major) program, the following courses "build" on each other (act as prerequisites): HLTH 101/3.0 for HLTH 205/3.0 (Fall) for HLTH 315/3.0 (Fall)  for HLTH 415/6.0 (Fall-Winter)
  • Students who have not taken HLTH 205 by the end of their second year at Queen's may require a fifth year at Queen's. As such we require all potential students to confirm that they are willing to take an additional year at Queen's in order to be considered. This must emailed to by the end of the Program and Plan Selection time period.