Upper-Year Transfer into the Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology

Transfer to Kinesiology is only available to current Queen's Arts & Science students (see below).


NOTE:  Decisions are based on GPA on the following requirements.  Only 2-5 students are normally accepted on a yearly basis.

Required courses for admission to the BSCH KINE program are:

  • 4U English (or equivalent),
  • 4U Advanced Functions (or equivalent),
  • 4U Biology (or equivalent) and
  • two of: 4U Chemistry, Physics or Calculus & Vectors.
  • 4U Exercise Science (or equivalent) is strongly recommended if available.

Basis of Admission

  • Overall university cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 (internal Queen's applicants).
  • High school average will be looked at (for transfer requests following first year) but does not receive the same level of consideration as one's university average.
  • Genuine interest in the field of physical activity, health and personal wellness (i.e. career paths in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Health, Fitness, related disciplines or professional schools, etc.).

Application Process and Deadline for ASC & BPHE(Honours) Students

  • DATES:  May 11-22, 2015 - please monitor the Arts & Science Important Dates website.
  • First-year students make the program request on SOLUS.
  • Upper-year students make the request through a link on the Arts & Science Changes to your Program/Plan website.  [The Request Program Change website is only available two weeks a year, see above dates].

Application Process and Deadline for Cross-Faculty and External Transfer Students

  • Upper-year transfer to Kinesioogy is closed to cross-faculty and external transfer students (effective September 2014).

Recommended (but not Required for Admission) University Courses

  • PSYC 100/6.0 (supporting course for BSCH SSP KINE degree)
  • HLTH 101/3.0
  • 6.0 Natural and Physical Science course units (Faculty of Arts and Science)

Number of Transfer Students Accepted

  • Generally up to five transfer students are accepted each year. The number of offers is directly related to how many spaces are available in the programs for the upcoming year and the quality of the applicant pool.
  • First preference to switch programs is given to students already in a BPHE (Honours) at Queen's.


  • Queen's students should select courses through course registration in their current program of study. If accepted into the BSCH SSP KINE program, each student will be contacted to individualize their registration.
  • Students will be expected to complete as much of the first-year core as possible in their first transfer year.
  • Students who have not yet taken PSYC 100/6.0 should register for it during course selection.

Other Relevant Time Lines

  • Decision making process occurs in mid- to late June

Dual and Second Degrees

  • Queen's does not accept applications in Kinesiology for dual or second degrees.