Scholarships & Awards

Queen's offers a wide range of entrance scholarships to students pursuing post secondary studies for the first time. The complete list of entrance scholarships, bursaries and awards can be found on a website for prospective students in Student Awards, Office of the University Registrar.


A growing number of awards and scholarships are available to honour the academic excellence and leadership contributions of Queen's Kinesiology and Physical Education students as they progress through the program. Many of these awards have been established in memory of former students and faculty members. In addition, there are two bursaries (the Donald deFrayne Macintosh and the Marion Ross) available to students registered in the B.P.H.E. program. The Student Awards web site provides additional information and links to numerous resources for scholarships, awards and bursaries.

  • Entrance Bursaries
  • The Elliott/Galasso Entrance Award
  • The Plumley Family Award in Physical and Health Education