Registration for Upper-Year Returning Students

This is the official Faculty of Arts & Science website for the registration process.

Registration Timelines for 2014-15 [PDF]

This is a summary sheet of the important dates regarding the process of getting registered – print it off and post as a reminder of your “to do” list.

Advance Course Selection for 2014-15

Due to registration pressures, some courses in the SKHS will be closed to students in BSCH KINE, BPHE (Honours), and HLTH programs in order to allow time for those who need them for their programs to select them in advance of other students.

  • Students in YR4 of the following programs only, will have the opportunity to do an Advanced Course Selection for 400-level courses from MON MAY 12 to FRI MAY 23: BAH MAJ HLTH, BPHE (Honours) and BSCH KINE.
  • This is done on the Faculty of Arts & Science Advance Course Selection website (not on SOLUS)
  • Please refer to the SKHS Draft Timetable 2014-15 (see left-hand menu).  Each course has information on when students in specific degree programs will be able to add the course.

Registration Worksheet for 2014-15 [PDF]

  1.  Concentration Core courses (must take)
  2.  Concentration Option courses (you choose from a list of options)
  3.  Supporting Courses (must take before graduating – electives)
  4.  Electives (free choice)

 You may use this worksheet to plan your course registration. We recommend that you rank your courses in order of importance.

Information Session with First-Year Students held April 3, 2014

The Information Session with First Years [PDF] provided first-year students with important registration information.


Individual advising appointments are also available by contacting the SKHS UG Office by phone or email. Going into fourth year? Consider doing an Independent Study Course [PDF].