Timetable Information

SKHS 2015-16 Draft Timetable [PDF] Updated: September 11, 2015

  • Update to instructors.
  • Corrections to course information.
  • Material costs for courses have been updated for 2015-16.
  • Courses that were inactive for the previous five years have been removed from the Calendar per Faculty of Arts and Science policy.
  • See notes for KNPE 430 and KNPE 436.
  • The Draft Timetable is updated as needed, please check date posted to ensure you're working with the latest version.

The Arts & Science Calendar is the final authority on all course information.

Draft Timetable Features:

  • Each course has a link to a detailed course summary to help students with course selection.
  • Although times and locations will not be available before the Official Course Timetable is published in June (see below), the course term and instructor are stated which helps students plan out their coming Fall-Winter session.
  • Each course not only lists prerequisites, exclusions and corequisites but all changes to course requirements that will be in the upcoming 2015-16 Calendar will be highlighted in yellow.
  • In addition to the enrolment limits, each course states clearly if there are restrictions to a course by a student's program and by year.
  • The Draft Timetable is the only document that tells you if the course you are selecting leads to (acts as a prerequisite for) another course.

New Courses for 2015-16

  • New HLTH and KNPE courses for 2015-16 will be in the SKHS Draft Timetable with a complete course description.  Until a course has been offered, a course summary will not be available.

Advanced/Special Topic Course Offerings

  • Advanced/Special Topic courses are only offered occasionally. 
  • As specific information about these courses is not available in the Arts & Science Calendar, the SKHS Draft Timetable will contain  detailed course description(s) with prerequisite(s), corequisite(s), exclusion(s), term(s) and instructor information for those offered in 2015-16.

 If a course is not listed on the Official Timetable, it is not being offered in 2015-16

  • The Arts & Science Timetable is subject to change up to the start of classes - in particular, room assignments may change.