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Employment Opportunities

Queen's Faculty Recruitment and Support Program

The Faculty Recruitment and Support Office provides prospective faculty members with information on life at Queen's and in the Kingston Community and assists new faculty members and their families with the relocation process. Services are confidential.

The Department of Sociology at Queen's University invites applications for the following teaching positions:


Introduction to Sociology - SOCY 122/6.0

Deadline for submissions:  28 February 2018   CLOSED

View job posting here (PDF, 40.5 KB)

Posted 26 January 2018                    


Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2018    CLOSED

Sociology of Globalization - SOCY 225/3.0

View job posting here (PDF, 330 KB)

Selected Topics Course - Sociology of Medicine - SOCY 429/3.0

View job posting here (PDF, 223 KB)

Substantive Issues in Social Deviance - SOCY 267/3.0 

Posted 15 February 2018

View job posting here (PDF, 231 KB)

Social psychology - SOCY 273/3.0

View job posting here (PDF, 222 KB)

Posted 23 February 2018

The Department of Sociology at Queen’s University invites applications for a Queen's National Scholar (QNS) position:

Deadline for submissions is 15 December 2017  CLOSED

View full posting here (PDF 240 KB)

Posted 14 November 2017