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  • PhD student, Derya Güngör, conducting her fieldwork in Turkey, June 2016.
  • A few members of the Surveillance Studies Centre and Department of Sociology.

Queen’s has the second highest doctoral completion rate and third highest Master’s completion rate among the Canadian Research intensive universities (the U15). Queen’s is first among the Ontario member universities of the U15 in graduate student recipient rate of Tri-Council awards and 3rd in the U15. Queen’s offers one of the most comprehensive professional development programs for academic, professional and personal success called Expanding Horizons

The Graduate Program in the Department of Sociology is a collegial, well-resourced and highly successful program. We offer rigorous academic degree programs at the MA and PhD levels. Our dedicated faculty members make every effort to provide comprehensive support to each and every graduate student. The department has an excellent record of securing external funding for students and providing additional teaching and research opportunities. Graduates of our PhD program have an outstanding record of securing full time academic positions and successful professional careers.