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    Department of Sociology Alumni

    The majority of our PhD graduates who sought a position in academia have been able to secure tenure track appointments. Others find work in places like the Mental Health Commission of Canada, adjunct instructors, Ontario Provincial Government and a New York City Based Think Tank. PhD graduates in Sociology, from Queen’s are securing rewarding, full-time tenure track positions where they are able to draw upon all of their education, skills, and abilities to contribute to international scholarship and higher education.

    Almost half of the Department’s Master’s graduates have chosen to pursue doctoral studies. Those who have not continued on to doctoral work have secured challenging positions commensurate with their advanced level skills as sociologists in:

    • Research
    • Policy Analysis
    • Policing Analysis
    • Policing and Corrections
    • Marketing
    • Social Justice Advocacy
    • Health Care Administration
    • Teaching

    We are interested in hearing from all former Sociology Students. Please send an email to: and stay connected with the Queen's Online Community!

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