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Recent Publications 



    David Lyon


     Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation

      (2012, Polity Press).







    Martin Hand


    Ubiquitous Photography

      (2012, Polity Press).







    David Lyon


    Eyes Everywhere: The Global Growth of Camera Surveillance

   co-edited with  Aaron Doyle (Carleton) and Randy Lippert (Windsor).

    (2011, Routledge).




     Catherine Krull

      A Life in Balance?  Reopening the Family-Work Debate  

     (2011, UBC Press)







Articles and Book Chapters:

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Hippe, Janelle (2011). “Performance, Power, and Resistance: Theorizing the Links among Stigma, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS in Cuba.” Cuban Studies. 42: 199-217.








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