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Please note:  Not all courses listed in the calendar are offered every year.  Please refer to the timetable (218kB)  for current course offerings.

Refer to your Faculty Calendar to determine the courses in which you are eligible to register.  Check prerequisites for courses that you wish to take in future years.

In order to ensure a smooth and successful transition throughout your undergraduate program please read carefully the degree requirements for the program in which you are enrolled.

Continuing & Distance Studies at Queen's delivers university-level courses year-round.

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses Offered for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

All files are in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader.

Undergraduate Timetable2013-2014 (218kB)

First Year Courses

Course Code and Outline


Course Name
SOCY122A    (118 kB)
FW Introduction to Sociology
SOCY122B   (118 kB)  
FW Introduction to Sociology
FW Introduction to Sociology

Second Year Courses

Course Code and Outline


Course Name
SOCY210 (331 kB)
FALL Social Research Methods 
SOCY211  (231 kB) 
WINTER Social Statistics
SOCY225     (311 kB) WINTER Sociology of Globalization
SOCY226 (58 kB)
FALL Central Concepts in Sociological Theory
SOCY227     (164 kB)
WINTER Theorizing Contemporary Society
SOCY235     (432 kB)
WINTER Race and Racialization
SOCY273     (687 kB)
WINTER Social Psychology
SOCY275 (473 kB)
FALL Theories of Deviance and Social Control 
SOCY276    (184 kB)
WINTER Substantive Issues in Social Deviance
SOCY284  (127 kB)
FALL Sociology of Information & Communication Technology

Third Year Courses

Course Code and Outline


Course Name
SOCY303   (313 kB)
FALL Sociology of Gender, Race & Class:  Women in Muslim Societies
SOCY306   (148 kB) FALL Consumer Culture
SOCY309   (455 kB)
WINTER Surveillance and Visibility
SOCY325  (57 kB)
FALL Contemporary Social Theories Part I
SOCY326  (513 kB)
WINTER Contemporary Social Theories II
SOCY336  (427 kB)
WINTER Sociology of Work & Technology
SOCY354(142 kB)
FALL Sociology of Education 
SOCY387   (171 kB)
WINTER Sociology of Crime & Delinquency
SOCY389  (399 kB)
FALL Gender, Law and Crime

Fourth Year Courses

Course Code and Outline


Course Name
SOCY402 (492 kB)
FALL Families, Gender & the State 
SOCY403  (227 kB)
FALL Race, Sex & the Body
SOCY420     (283 kB)
WINTER Program Evaluation
SOCY427  (138 kB)
FALL Identification, Surveillance & Citizenship
SOCY429  (130 kB)
FALL Sociology of Health
SOCY430    (109 kB)
WINTER Sociology of Consumer Culture
SOCY472  (185 kB) 
WINTER Sociology of Development
SOCY475  (234 kB)
FALL Advanced Studies in Deviance & Social Control
SOCY476  (505 kB)
WINTER Surveillance, Privacy & Social Control
SOCY510 (166 kB) FALL Collective Behaviour 
SOCY511 (237 kB)
FALL Children, Youth and the Law
SOCY520  FW Thesis

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