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Queen's University

Program Rules & Requirements

Degree Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts - GEN 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - MAJ 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - MED 

For full details on admission requirements, degree requirements and academic regulations, see:  Faculty of Arts and Science

Current Students

Degree Requirements

If you'd like to ascertain whether you have or will meet all of your degree requirements - please complete the appropriate Course Tracking Form from the following. For assistance in completing this form, see the Undergraduate Program Assistant in the Sociology Main Office, Mac-Corry D431.

*Please note that as of 2014-2015 SOCY 325* and SOCY 326* will no longer be offered, therefore will not be a requirement for the SOCY MED or MAJ Degree Programs.  Please see the tracking forms below that outline the new and old requirements.

Sociology MINOR Program

Sociology MEDIAL Program

  • SOCY MED  -  *New program requirements
  • SOCY MED  -  *Old program requirements (if you already have SOCY 325 & 326)

    Sociology MAJOR  Program

    • SOCY MAJ  -  *New program requirements
    • SOCY MAJ  -  *Old program requirements (if you already have SOCY 325 & 326)


      NOTICE: Beginning Fall 2010, SOCY274: Sociology of Deviance was split into SOCY275* offered in the fall term and SOCY276* offered in the winter term. Both SOCY275* and SOCY276* are prerequisites for taking SOCY387*: Sociology of Crime and Delinquency and SOCY388*: Sociology of Criminal Justice (if either one or both are offered).

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      The material on this website is copyrighted and is for the sole use of students registered in the course. The material on this website may be downloaded for a registered student's personal use, but shall not be distributed or disseminated to anyone other than students registered in this course. Failure to abide by these conditions is a breach of copyright, and may also constitute a breach of academic integrity under the University Senate's Academic Integrity Policy Statement.

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