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Queen's University

Language Course Offerings

The Department of Spanish and Italian offer beginning and intermediate courses in Italian language. 

Course Number and Name Description

ITLN P10/3.0

Beginning Italian 


Offers a basic level of Italian understanding, speaking, reading and writing for students with no knowledge of Italian whatsoever.
EXCLUSIONS 4U Italian or ITLN 101/6.0. May not be taken with or after ITLN 112/3.0; ITLN 204/3.0; ITLN 205/3.0.

ITLN 112*/0.5

Beginning Italian III 3L

The continuation of ITLN P10/3.0. Also for students who have some knowledge of Italian but have not completed 4U Italian or equivalent. For these students, an assessment interview with the instructor is required before registration.
PREREQUISITE A grade of C in ITLN P10/3.0

EXCLUSIONS 4U Italian, ITLN 101/6.0. May not be taken with or after ITLN 204/3.0; ITLN 205/3.0.

ITLN 204/3.0

Italiano intermedio 3L

A review of the fundamentals of the Italian language, designed to reinforce and develop the student's comprehension, speaking and writing ability.
PREREQUISITE A grade of C in ITLN 112/3.0 or ITLN 101/6.0 or 4U Italian.  May not be taken with or after ITLN 205/3.0.

ITLN 205/3.0 

Italiano avanzato 3L

The continuation of ITLN 204/3.0, emphasizing the application of morphology and syntax, with written and oral practice. Readings will be discussed from lexical, syntactical and thematic points of view.

ITLN 300/3.0 

Sintassi e traduzione 3S

(Not offered in 2011-12)

Intensive practice in advanced English-Italian/Italian-English translation, with a focus on lexical and syntactic matters as well as compositions to be written in Italian.

ITLN 301/3.0

Traduzione e composizione 3S

(Not offered in 2011-12)

See description for ITLN 300/3.0


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