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  • QSPS News: Public policy commission submits interim report on the future of public policy at Queen's [image]

    Public policy commission submits interim report on the future of public policy at Queen's.  Read it here.

  • Why Study Here?  Madelaine Meehan's testimonial on the MPA program

    Why study here?  Engaging, expert instruction from top policy leaders is a good start.

  • Experiential learning tools for our MPA students
    Experiential learning begins at orientation for our MPA students.


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2017 QIISP "Inclusive Economy, Inclusive Society: Canadian Social Policy in an Age of Disruption" [image]

In recent years, Canada and other OECD countries have experienced multiple disruptions - shifting patterns of global commerce, demographic change, the digital revolution and new security risks.   Many Western countries have also experienced rising income inequality and social polarization, as economic growth has increasingly become decoupled from social outcomes. The consequences are being felt across many OECD countries – social fracturing, political upheaval and a crisis of policy and institutional legitimacy.

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QSPS Professor Robert Wolfe co-edits new IRPP publication

Robert Wolfe IRPP publication| [May 2017 book cover image]

International trade and investment are central to economic prosperity. But new global realities, including rising antitrade sentiment, are challenging long-held policy approaches in these areas. With the global trading system at a critical juncture, now is the time to examine these new trade realities and explore appropriate responses.

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