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    The December newsletter from the School of Policy Studies has arrived just in time for the holidays.  Read it here.

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    Experiential learning begins at orientation for our MPA students

A rich tradition of service to the nation through strength in public policy

Through high quality interactive teaching and integrated learning, we enhance leadership in public policy by providing students the inspiration, skills, competencies and connections to become better contributors to the public good.



'Big thinkers' conference pays tribute to policy leader

In the academic world, conferences honouring retiring scholars are often reflections on their work by other researchers. However, a symposium paying tribute to Keith Banting went beyond paper presentations in hopes of sparking the type of public policy debate Dr. Banting has contributed to for more than 40 years.   

The conference celebrating Keith Banting's distinguished contributions to scholarship and public debate took place Sept. 23-24.  Full story...

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