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  • Why Study Here?  Madelaine Meehan's testimonial on the MPA program

    Why study here?  Engaging, expert instruction from top policy leaders is a good start.

  • Spring has sprung!  The April  newsletter has arrived.  Read it here.

    Spring has sprung!  The April newsletter has arrived.  Read it here.

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    Experiential learning begins at orientation for our MPA students.


Public Policy & Canada's 150 [image]

Contributing to Canadian Public Policy for 175 Years

While the founders of Canada agreed on a Constitution in 1867, they relied on the new nation’s citizens to develop institutions and policies that would make their concept a reality. Queen's University has participated disproportionately in Canada’s national development. 

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Meet Canada's 'deliveryman'

Matthew Mendelsohn | Jan 2017

On the day that Justin Trudeau’s cross-country tour stopped in Kingston, the civil servant charged with helping the Prime Minister deliver on his commitments visited campus. Matthew Mendelsohn, an assistant professor in Queen’s Department of Political Studies from 1994-2000, is now leading the results and delivery unit that Prime Minister Trudeau created following the election.   Full story... 

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