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Conference Papers - 2005



Democratic Development in Ukraine

Vasyutynskii V. O. The collective phenomenology of the democratic self-determination of the society.
Borovskii O. O. Quantitative measures of democratic development of the political regime.
Chaltseva O. M. The influence of international factors on the development of democracy in Ukraine.

Institutional Development

Kovaliova A. D. Development of Ukraine and Russia in the context of the institutional matrix theory.
Trebin M. P. Democratization of the armed forces of Ukraine under conditions of the societal transformational processes.
Salamatov V. A. Efficiency of city management and democracy: comparison of perception of the existing situation in Ukraine, Russia and the USA.
Artemenko A. P. Ukraine's joining the European Charter of Local Governance: an analysis of activity of the Association of cities of Ukraine.
Malinovskii V. Ya. Municipal power - an immanent element of the political system of democratic society.
Kozyura I. V. Priority directions of reform of the local governance in Ukraine and the issue of using the Canadian experience.

Political Integration and State Building

Slyushchynskii B. V. Inter-ethnic cultural communication as a factor of building the civil society in modern Ukraine.
Piren M. I. Democratization of ethno-political development in Ukraine at the current stage.
Filatov A. S. Ethno-confessional relations in Crimea in the context of the civil society building.
Zagurska-Antonyuk V. Problems of ethno-political formation of the Polish national minority in Zhytomyr region after 1991
Nikolko M. V. The actual design of the Ukrainian political nation (thoughts in the framework of the neo-liberal approach).
Nesterenko G. O. The inter-ethnic context of the topic of the formation of the Ukrainian political nation.
Nikitchenko O. Ye. Modern religious social concepts as a component of the theoretical level of the political and legal consciousness.
Kralyuk P. The soviet identity in the political processes of independent Ukraine.
Plakhotnyuk N. G. Decentralization as a way of developing democracy in Ukraine.
Panchenko T. V. Problems of federalization in Ukraine in the context of formation and consolidation of democracy.
Netudykhata K. L., Verlanov YU. . Democracy and regional political and economic disintegration in Ukraine.

Building Political legitimacy

Grebinevych O. M. Issues of value-normative legitimization in the context of Ukrainian socio-political processes.
Tur M. G. The democratic process and the legal state: problems of legitimization.
Shapovalenko M. V. Political capital as a basis for the legitimization of political changes.

Elections and Electoral Politics

Ostapets Yu. Electoral processes in Zakarpattys (1991 - 2004): regional peculiarities of organizing and conducting electoral campaign to central and local bodies
Berezovskii V. V. Factors influencing the 2004 electoral campaign.
Bessonova M. M. Foreign policy issues in presidential elections: the 2004 elections in Ukraine).Kolodii A. F. Ukraine's "Orange" revolution: essence and lessons for transitology.
Gritsenko Z. I. Peculiarities of the electoral behavior of population of the Kharkiv region.Gorbachyk A. P. The dynamics of changes and formation of political orientations in Ukraine.
Degterenko, A. M. Electoral programs as a factor of influence in political preferences.
Dzyuba N. V. Women in the electoral process: peculiarities of perception of the electoral process.
Moisiyenko V. M., Dzholos S. V. The referendum as a form of direct rule in established democracies

Political parties

Gonyukova, L. V. Models of political parties.
Oliynyk, O. M. Some issues of financing of the political parties in Ukraine.
Lyasota A. The institutional design of political parties in Ukraine.
Sonechko O. S. Political parties and formation of the institute of local governance.

Political participation and behavior

Burdyak V. I. Democratization and political participation: opposition attitudes of the citizens of Ukraine
Zelenko G. I. Political participation and civil self-organization in Urkaine.
Prykhodko S. M., Renduk P. G. Political participation as a foundation of democratic processes.
Kuznetsova N. V. Some factors in the formation of students' value orientations.

Political Communication

Pironkova O. F. The socio-cultural heterogeneity of the national media streams.
Yuskiv B. M. Symbols of Ukrainian democracy.
Bugayev S. V. Transformation of the state-civil society relations in the conditions of development of the communication technologies.
Yatsunska E. A. Myths of the 2004 presidential campaign in Ukraine
Klimanska L. D. The effect of communication technologies in constructing political space in democratic society.Pysmenytskii A. A. Mass media in democratic society: the legal regulation of activity and correlation with branches of the state power in Ukraine.
Stadnichenko O. Mass media as a factor in thw democratization of socio-political life: Ukrainian realities.Chernyshova T. O. The terrorism and mass media in the democratic society

Political Culture

Zablotskii V. P. The emancipative vector of democracy.
Rarog Yu. V. Power and peculiarities of the political socialization in Ukraine.
Reznik O. S. The phenomenon of loyalty/non-loyalty of Ukrainian population in the conditions of new socio-regulatory mechanisms.
Stepanenko M. D. Participation of students in sociological surveys as a factor of civil self-identification.
Strilets V. V. Interpretation of Ukraine's soviet past by some political forces in Ukraine as a factor of influence in the formation citizens' preferences and values.


Naumkina S. M. Transformational processes and political elites in modern democracies.
Starukh O. V. The regional political elite of Ukraine under transition to democracy: the example of the Zaporizhzhya oblast.
Troyan S. S. The political elite of Ukraine: power Olympus in the modern conditions of the state building.
Logunova M. M
. Socio-psychological mechanisms in the formation of the contemporary managerial elite

The Rule of Law

Bidenko Yu. M. Infringements of the procedural aspects of democracy as a factor of democratization of the political culture of the Ukrainian society.
Drozdovskii O. A. The legal counteracting of hidden power features of the state system as a condition of democratization of the society: comparative analysis in Canada and Ukraine.
Pankevych I. M. A comparative analysis of principles of electoral law in Ukraine and some EU states.
Poltorakov O. Yu. Civil control over the power structures in Ukraine in the context of democratic transformations.
Bereznyak V. S. Protection of human rights in the use of extradition.
Bova A. A. The state and main tendencies of corruption in transitional economies
Martselyak O. V. The role of the commissioner on human rights in building democracy in Ukraine.
Nersesyan A. S. The threat of organized crime to the political system of transitional economies.
Strelchuk N. V. Civil society and the socio-economic aspects of corruption in the East-European post-socialist states: realities of Ukraine
Yagunov D. V. The place of social policy in the process of reforming the penitentiary system in Ukraine.

Civil Society

Novak V. V. The partnership of civil society and state power.
Skoblyk V. P. NGOs of Zakarpattya: trends of development in 1994-2004.
Stepanenko I. V. Value-notional principles of civil society in Ukraine: theoretical and practical aspects.
Chapala G. V. The role of local governance in the state-civil society system.
Gorlyanskii S. P. A comparative analysis of collective agreements of universities of Canada and Ukraine.
Kalyukh Yu. I. Rise of the economic base of the civil society in Ukraine: a myth or reality?
Kalnoy I. I. The civil consent as a (pre)condition of formation of the civil society.
Lazorenko O. Development of human resources in the condition of the civil society

Issues of Social and Economic Development

Savka V. Ye. The system of instruments of social policy in democratic society.
Suprunenko A. P. Conceptual fundamentals for formation of the social state in Ukraine.
Koval A. U. Development of democracy as a critical condition of reformation of the agrarian sphere in Ukraine
Burov I. V. Issues of economic and social development of Ukraine
Gansova E. A., Kormych L. I. The state regulation of the process of the property stratification in Ukraine.
Didchenko O. I. Reforming the social policy of Ukraine as a factor of development of scientific and technical potential.
Khomra O. U. Poverty in Ukraine: estimations, consequences, specificity of characteristics in single-industry towns.
Bila S. O. Modern trends of the social stratification of the Ukrainian society and development of democracy in Ukraine.
Oliynyk N. Yu. Gender disproportions in professional activity in the Ukrainian economy.


Tykhomirova Ye. B. Globalization through the eyes of the Ukrainian community.
Shepelev M. A. Problems and prospects of global democracy.
Luzan A. A. Globalization and problems of democracy in Ukraine.

The Democratization of Education in Ukraine

Tereshchenko Yu. Modern education: hampers and collisions in the process of democratization of Ukraine.Koretska A. I. Education in Ukraine in the context of the Bologna process.
Rarog Yu.V. Prospects of Europeanization of Ukrainian universities.
Adamenko O. V. Issues of democratization of education in the Ukrainian pedagogic press (1995-2004)
Barankov O. G. The legal basis of education in Ukraine in multi-ethnic conditions.

Civic Education

Sytnik O. I. The problem of definition and construction of the content of civic education.
Mytsyk L. M. Active teaching methods in the strategy of the civic education in Ukraine.
Dubrovskii V. F. Multi-vector search for ways to realize the civic education in Ukraine: problems and prospects.Pleshkova N. V. The educational dialogue in the context of modern democratic educational practices.
Viyevska M. G. Change of value orientations of students of the higher economic school as a precondition of democratization of the Ukrainian society.
Ivanov M. S., Bagmet M. O. Formation of the system of political and civic education as a factor of the process of democratization of the political life of some European states.
Tyahlo O. V. Formation of the system of civic education of the Ukrainian law enforcement officers.
Mazur L. I. On the question of the initial principles of civic education in Ukraine.
Gurlyeva T. S. The autonomous responsibility: prospects of its development in the age of adolescence.
Neprytskii O. A., Kiyenko- Romanyuk L. A. Formation of skills of critical thinking in Ukrainian schoolchildren and training of school teachers.
Matsiyevskii Yu. V. Between normativism and functionalism: academic political science in Ukraine at the break of the 21st century.
Kuts G. M. Shift of methodological topics in contemporary political science research.