Conference Papers 2006


Analyses of voting behaviour in the elections of 2004 and 2006

Postupnoi, Oleksandr. Socio-economic factors in the split of the Ukrainian population in the 2004 presidential and 2006 parliamentary elections.
Bidenko, Yuliya. Ideological factors in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine and prospects for further development of political parties.
Glyvynskiy, Anton, and Valentyn Kokorskiy. Application of the Lipset-Rokkan theory of socio-political cleavages to post-communist countries and their party systems
Bobina, Oleg. The Ukrainian revolution as an outcome of the democratization process: the 2004 case, an attempt at analysis
Nikitchenko, Olena. Religious associations and the electoral process in modern Ukraine
Polischuk, Igor. Political and cultural factors in the electoral process of transitional society
Vasyutynsky, Vadym. Spiritual needs of citizens as a factor in their socio-political preferences

Ukraine’s progress toward democratic development

Kolodii, Antonina. Revolution, evolution, transformation: the 2004 and 2006 elections as benchmarks of consolidation of the democratic state and political nation in Ukraine
Matsievskiy, Yurii. Between authoritarianism and democracy: the political regime in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution
Yakovenko, Andrii. About anti-democratic tendencies of Ukrainian "democrats" and democratic tendencies of Ukrainian "authoritarians"
Shypunov, Gennadii. Hybrid political regimes as a phenomenon of socio-political transformation in post-soviet states: a comparison of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
Bortnikov, Valerii. Peculiarities of Ukraine's democratic transition in the context of the socio-cultural preconditions of democracy
Buslenko, Vasyl. The role and place of the political opposition in the context of democratization of Ukrainian society.
Kuzmin, P.V. Contradictions of political activity as a factor suppressing democratization of socio-political relations in Ukraine.
Shapovalenko, Maryna. Socio-political cleavages as factors in the democratic transition of Ukraine
Tur, Mykola. Democratic legitimacy and civil disobedience: a theoretical outline
Kokorska, Olga. Peculiarities of the legitimization of political power in Ukraine

Nation-building and democratization

Nikolko, Milana. The political design of the nation: options.
Stepanenko, Viktor. Historical algorithms of nation-building and democratization: Ukrainian challenges
Nikolayenko Olena. Historical Memory and Support for Democracy in Ukraine.
Artemenko, Andrii. The socio-philosophical context of the notion of freedom and its influence on the formation of the Ukrainian tradition of statehood
Balinchenko, Svitlana. Peculiarities of self-identification of modern Ukraine in the context of social processes of integration and democratization

Constitutional reform

Bostan, Sergii. Democracy and the constitutional form of state rule in Ukraine: problems and prospects
Kalynovsky, Bogdan. The constitutional reform of local governance, a key element of democratization in Ukraine
Zheliba, Oleksandr. Ihor Kaganets' constitutional project "The Third Hetmanat": real democracy or disguised authoritarianism
Nazarov, Ivan. Office of the Public Prosecutor of Ukraine in the context of constitutional and legal reform

The Democratization of political institutions

Pasicznyk Uliana. Parliamentary Immunity in Ukraine: The Case For and Against.
Lazo,r Oksana, and Khrystyna Kohalyk. Democratization of institutions of governance: German and Ukrainian experience

Democratization of the military

Gromyko, Oleg. Sources of social contradictions in the process of training military officers in universities under conditions of the democratization of the armed forces
Panfilov, Oleksandr. Democratization of military education as a requirement of the time
Mychajlyszyn Natalie. Democratic Civil-Military Relations in Ukraine

The rule of law and protection of human rights

Kalynovsky, Yurii. The role and place of social-legal consciousness in the process of Ukrainian state- building.
Bogdanova, Olena. The factor of passiveness in realization of a person's own rights: research results and suggestions for Ukraine's democratic future.
Ladychenko, Viktor. Legal policy in the formation of civil society in Ukraine.
Yagunov, Dmytro. Perspectives on further reforming the penitentiary system in Ukraine: priorities, problems and human rights protection
Gorova, Oksana. The legal status of persons with disabilities in Ukraine

Regulation of the electoral process  

Adashis, Lyudmyla. The legal basis for the participation of political parties in the formation of election commissions: problems and prospects
Gonyukova, Liliya. The financing of electoral activities of political parties
Maksymenko, Sergii. Some aspects of the realization of the right to vote under conditions of the institution of "propiska" in Ukraine

Democratization of the political culture

Gorbachyk, Andrii. Attitudes toward liberal democratic values in Ukraine (the dynamics of changes according to sociological surveys)
Suprunenko, Olga. Ukraine Sociosemantic:  the study of processes of democratization of the semantic space of the modern Ukrainian state
Andrushchenko, Tetyana. The esthetic as a factor in forming democratic values in youth.
Burdyak, Vira. The influence of democratization on changes in the political culture of Ukrainian society
Shynkarenko, Olena. Political ethics in the processes of democratization of political culture.

Political communication

Marta Dyczok. Media in Ukraine: Between Revolution and Election (2004-2006).
Klymanska, Larysa. The nature of information exchange in the process of political communication
Tykhomyrova, Evgeniya. Information environment as a factor of the political socialization of modern youth
Kalnoi, Igor. Publicity as a measure of democratic development
Somov, Maksym. Youth of Crimea in the process of political communication

  The political attitudes of young people

Zhadan, Iryna,and Oleksandra Fedorenko. Peculiarities of the political views of students
Sokolov, Vyacheslav. Problems of student youth as a reflection of crisis phenomena in Ukrainian society (based on sociological surveys)

The development of civil society

Fisanov, Volodymyr. Is the efficient interaction of civil society actors with bodies of power in Ukraine possible? (first results of the unhurried 15-years long preparation to a dialogue)
Savka, Viktor. Organization of the distribution of social services: state and non-state forms.
Kalyukh, Yurii. The Instability of civil society in Ukraine.
Gorlyanskiy, Sergii. Labor unions and democracy in Ukraine
Shestakova, Alla. Ukraine's Post-Maidan civil society: lessons for the state and for the world
Zhuk, Mykhailo. Political culture and civil society in the "post-Orange" period: study of regional processes from the perspective of SWOT-analysis
Dlugopolsky, Oleksandr. Development of civilized lobbyism as an inalienable institution of the democratization of society

Regional aspects of Ukrainian politics

Starukh, Oleksandr. Regional and local elites of Ukraine under conditions of the 2006 electoral campaign
Grytsenko, Zoya. The political elite of Kharkiv region and problems of nation-building in the region.
Teres, Nataliya. The role of Kiev as the Ukrainian capital in the modern process of state building

The constitutional and political status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Filatov, Anatolii. Crimea in the epoch of the 2004-2006 presidential and parliamentary elections.
Shvachka, Ganna. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea: a norm or an exception to Ukrainian the unitary character of the Ukrainian state
Temnenko, Valerii. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea: the Constitution and problems of the indigenous population

Decentralization and local governance

Adamovich, Sergii. Democracy and concepts of decentralization in Ukraine (1991-2005)
Malynovskiy, Valentyn. Transformation of the territorial organization of power in Ukraine in the context of European experience
Yatsunskaya, Elena. Local elections in Ukraine: a new election system, new results?
Chapala, Gennadii. Local governance in the state-civil society system

State-market relations

Borysenko, Zoya. State protection of market competition in Ukraine
Bova, Andrii. Corruption in the transforming society (a sociological analysis)
Rarog, Yurii. The phenomenon of shadow power and prospects for state-building in Ukraine
Bila, Svitlana. Privatization as a component of democratic reforms in Ukraine.
Shutov, Nikolai. Democratization of procedural relations between the state and economic subjects in the process of privatization
Zhelyuk, Tetyana. Efficiency in the delivery of administrative services by executive bodies in the context of the development of democratic relations between the private sector and subjects of market economy
Kolisnyk, Larysa. Interaction of politics and financial and industrial groups in Ukraine

Gender equality

Oliynyk, Nataliya. The gender dimension of the parliamentary elections: a problem of development of parity democracy in Ukraine..
Levchenko, Kateryna. Gender education in the professional training of law enforcement workers.
Yarosh, Oksana. Gender quotas as a means of introducing gender equality in the political system of Ukraine
Gorodetskaya Elena, Chygryn Viktor. Women-leaders in Ukrainian politics

Socio-economic equality

Gorodetsky, Oleksandr. The problem of access to social capital in vulnerable populations of  Ukrainian society
Oksamytna, Svitlana. Education inequality: trends of reproduction in the post-Soviet period

Ukraine’s international relations

Bessonova, Maryna. Foreign policy preferences during the 2006 parliamentary elections in Ukraine
John Jaworsky. The Black Sea Fleet and Ukraine-Russia Relations.
Piren, Mariya. Perception and evaluation of EU democratic values and Euro-Atlantic integration by the political and power elite in Ukraine (based on materials of sociological surveys)

Democratization of education: policy issues

Klepko, Sergii. Educational policy in Ukraine: from latency to transparency
Demyanchuk, Oleksandr. Educational policy and administration of education: a conflict between institutional limitations and civilization needs
Mytsyk, Larysa. Formation of the innovative educational environment in educational institutions: requirements of the Bologna process and Ukrainian realities
Saveliev, Volodymyr. Analysis of educational policy in Ukraine: the status and perspectives.
Seydametova, Zarema. Free education for a free society.
Meerovich, Mark. The system of education at the creative stage in the evolution of society
Stepanenko, Iryna. Peculiarities of pedagogic communications in the conditions of democratization of the society
Tyaglo, Alexandr. Critical thinking as a necessary element of education under condition of transition to democracy.
Karpenko, Zynoviya. Personal potential for democratization of higher education in Ukraine

Democratization of education: curriculum reform

Pidukov, Petro, and Valentyn Chub,. Use of international standards of human rights protection in the professional training of workers of internal affairs in Ukraine (from the experience of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs).
Dubrovskii, Valerii. Innovations and pragmatism in forming commitment to the protection of human rights and freedoms through civic education.
Kovaliova, Alla. The anti-corruption course in universities.
Ladychenko, Tetyana, and Yanina Kambalova,. Methods of formation of civic competence of school students by means of the course “Civic education (fundamentals of democracy)”.

Democratization of education: strategies and methods

Narizhniy, Yurii. Modern strategies of democratic education.  Ways of forming the interpreting (synergetic) mind.
Trubavyna, Iryna. The concept of the child-friendly school
Kozlova, Olena. Professional instruments of a modern teacher as a basis for democratization of education
Bakka, Tamara. Priorities of training of a school teacher of social sciences under conditions of democratization of the educational system of Ukraine.
Kucher, Olga. Formation of civic competence of final year school students by means of school and extracurricular pedagogic activity as a basis for the democratization of society (in theory and on author's experience)