Conference Papers 2009


Aspects of Democratization in Post-Socialist states

Genyk M. A., Senych M. The problem of democratic transformation in Central-East Europe in political conceptions of  the Parisian “Kultury”
Lendyel M. Forms of political participation at the local level in the post-socialist states of Central-East Europe: general characteristics and specificity of the Ukrainian case
Maradyk N. Consolidation of democracy: the relevance of Czech experience for Ukrainian society

European integration

Korzhyk O. The influence of Poland's accession to the EU on Ukraine-Poland relations:  contradictions of integration
Kyrydon O. Kyrydon O. Image characteristics of the Eurointegration choice of Ukraine
Yakovenko N. Strengthening of democracy in Ukraine as a necessary pre-condition of accession to NATO

Interethnic tolerance

Troyan S. Methodological and applied aspects of ethnic tolerance in Ukraine
Klynchenko T. Formation of the idea, conception and policy of multiculturalism in Ukraine
Shestakovskiy O. Prevalence of certain ethnic prejudices and xenophobia in Ukrainian society
Savka V. Formation of interethnic tolerance as a component of the political culture of students in humanities courses
Kuzmin M. Politics and religion in modern Crimea: possible scenarios of conflicts as a test of democracy
Degterenko A. Ethno-linguistic competence, activity and orientation of territorial communities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Marchuk N. Interethnic communications as a factor in construction of a democratic society in modern Ukraine
Yuskiv B. Problems of international labor migration and democracy

Issues of counteracting racism and xenophobia

Zhovkivska A. The problem of ensuring democratic human rights and liberties for refugees and seekers of refuge in the territory of Ukraine
Artemenko A. Ethno-politics and countraction to xenophobia and racism
Martynenko O.A. Counteracting racism and xenophobia as a new field of the MIA activity

Ethnic politics

Lyasota A. Ethnopolitical conflict: a conceptual analysis
Teres N. Ethnopolitical space of modern Ukraine: new challenges and losses (2005-2008)
Stadnychenko O. Ethno-politics of Ukraine in the conditions of democracy: a test with ethnic group political Rusynism

Human rights

Belousov Yu. The MIA activity on providing human rights.
Kurevina T. Observance of the rights of the child as a factor in the democratization of modern Ukrainian society
Tikhomyrova E. Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the UN campaign
Ladychenko V. Relations between the law and personal freedom in the democratic state

Poltical Communication and  Political Culture

Tyaglo K. Mass culture and mass politics: patterns of interaction (on the example of covering ethnic identification schemes in mass media
Kovzhoga A. “Hate speech” as a phenomenon of consolidation  of the communicative space of the Ukrainian mass media
Adamenko O. Democratization of education in the mirror of Ukrainian pedagogical periodicals (1995-2008)
Somov M. Main aspects of study of political communication in Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Nechitaylo V. Traditional and non-traditional models of political culture in the context of analysis of civil society
Klymanska L. The image of social problems in mass politics
Fisanov V. The free flow of information about social affairs: is it provided by Ukrainian mass media?
Zbritska L.G. The state and mass media: modulation of conflicts in the Ukrainian media space

Democratic transition 

Andriyenko O.  The gaming principle in the existence of the democratic society
Kudlay A. About some challenges, costs and possibilities of democracy in modern conditions
Bortnikov V., Pyvovarov Y. Democratic and national factors in state building
Romanyuk L., Romanyuk V. An application of  S.Schwartz's model of values structure to the analysis of the consequences of democratization in Ukraine

Bekeshkina I. The free corrupted country: paradoxes of Ukrainian democracy.
Shypunov G. The political regime in Ukraine in the context of the crisis of democratic transition: on the theoretical adequacy of the use of the notion “hybrid political regime”
Stepanenko I. Ukrainian democracy as a manipulative practice
Glyvinskiy A., Kokorskiy V. The Ukrainian transition in postmodern  perspective

Political elites and democratization

Lysyuk A., Sokolovska M. Regional elites in Belorussia and Ukraine in the conditions of post-totalitarian transition
Osadca I The place of the political elite in the democratic processes of CEE states after the breakdown of the Soviet Union: the example of Ukraine and Bulgaria
Kralyuk P. How political elites use  “historical policy” in modern Ukraine
Turchyn Y. Realization of the idea of the rule of the people in Otto Eichelman's project for the constitution of the Ukrainian People's Republic
Kokorska O. Political elites in the process of transformation in Ukraine
Rotar N. The “Party of power” as a model of the functioning of the Ukrainian political elite in the transformation period
Yakovenko A. "Rejuvenation" of the Ukrainian political elite as another myth
Zhuk M., Kramarenko L. Political competition of parties and elites: “Ukrainian oppositions” or management of modern development standards?

Political parties and elections

Ostapets Y. The evolution of the Ukrainian party system in the conditions of democratic transition
Kuts G. The ideological vacuum in the political spectrum of modern Ukraine
Gorodetska O. Political parties (blocs) and motivation for the electoral choices of the Ukrainian population
Balinchenko S. The representation of Ukrainian political forces in the British press  
Polishuk I. The evolution of electoral legislation  in Ukraine: peculiarities and consequences
Titar I. The 2007 early elections and Juan Linz's concept of re-equilibration of democracy
Fesun G. The influence of national peculiarities of the Ukrainian electorate on formation of the  image of the political leader
Gender issues

Levchenko K.B. Gender problems in the activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Govorun T., Morgun Y. Gender-specific psychological peculiarities of professional and career self-determination of students.
Rybka N. Gender aspects of the democratization of higher technical education
Oliynyk N. Female public-political associations in the system of civil society in Ukraine

Institutional development

Fedunyak S. External factors in the processes of democratization in Ukraine: institutional aspects
Kolodii A. A test of democracy: the problem of institutional "reload" in Ukraine
Yakovlev D. Political rationality as a component of modernization of institutions of governance on the way from authoritarianism to democracy
Dmytriv I. Institutional principles of democratic transition in Ukraine and their determinants
Gonyukova L. The institution of the presidency: influence of political parties
Yarmish O., Chervyacova A.  The coalition of factions of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: a legal analysis of norms determining its status
Shapovalenko M. A bi-cameral parliament in Ukraine as a way to a consolidated democracy
Tur M. Creation of a “public space” in the development of  democracy: Ukrainian realities
Bilynska M. Development of relations between public authorities and citizens: pathology of the transitional period as an indicator of the testing of democracy
Burdyak V. The process of policy making and implementation in Ukraine in the conditions of democracy
Chalceva O. Public policy in Ukraine: determination factors and problems of efficiency
Malinovskii V. Paradigmatic approaches of transformation of public administration in EU countries

Issues in State-Society Relations

Stepanenko V. Society and the state in Ukraine: The asymmetry of influences and representation
Stepanenko M. The economic and political crisis in Ukraine: challenges to ideas about democracy
Piren M. Socio-political changes and problems in modern  Ukrainian society on the way to democracy 
Bila S. The institution of non-governmental pensions as a component in the democratization of the system of social protection of the Ukrainian population
Buchko V. Psychological factors in solving economic disputes in the context of the rule of law
Kormych L., Gansova E. Methods of  evaluation of governmental socio-economic policy in Ukrainian society
Kolisnyk L., Kozlovska L. Ukraine on the way to accession to the European educational and scientific space: some problems of expansion of students and professors mobility
Narizhniy Y. Does the "generation Next" need practical philosophy?
Mytsyk L. Autonomy of the university and provision of quality of education: search for the optimal model
Zhuk M.V. Ukrianian perspectives under globalization: the democratic potential of innovations and life-long education


Bakka T. The influence of socio-political transformations on the development of education in humanities in Ukraine in the late 20th – early 21st century.
Demyanchuk O. Educational policy: the charms and dangers of incrementalism
Tsymbal P. External independent evaluation as a factor in the democratization of education
Kalynovskiy Y. Development of  a culture of liberation and civil   legal consciousness as the  worldview basis of democratization of  education  in  Ukraine
Zhadan I. Social education as a factor in the political socialization of youth
Ryul V. Problems of education  of “street children” in the conditions of development of democratic society in Ukrainian
Makagon O. Formation of democratic values and behaviour in children studying at private schools of the Eastern regiona of Urkaine
Meleshchenko T. An interdisciplinary approach to teaching about civil society: the example of Czechoslovakia during Vaclav Havel’s rule.
Verbets V. Socio-psychological problems of democratization of education
Rastrigina A. Personal freedom of the future specialist as a guarantee of democratization of pedagogical education
Gurleva T. Autonomy as an indication of personality growth under conditions of democratization of society

Issues in the Teaching of Civic Education
Chub V. On the teaching of principles of democracy in the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: Theoretical preparation and practice of  its realization in territorial subsections..
Ladychenko T. Preparation of pedagogic university students to teaching a school course “Civic education: fundamentals of democracy"
Mazur L. The formation of a civic identity in the process of teaching  “The Fundamentals of democracy”
Velikiy V. Issues in the delivery of the  course “Fundamentals of Democracy” in the system of professional training of law enforcement personnel
Tyaglo O. Prorities of civic education in Ukraine in 2009
Klepko S. Representation of knowledge in education: indoctrination and democratization
Dubrovskiy V. Development of moral and legal consciousness as a basis for the formation of an active civic position