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Queen's University

Program Completion

It is expected that students enrolled in a full-time master's program will complete their program of studies within three terms (twelve months) and that students in the Professional MIR and Professional MPA will complete their program of studies within three years of their initial registration in the program.

Students who do not complete their MPA or MIR studies within the specified time period must provide evidence of progress and a authorized plan for completion before being permitted to continue their program registration beyond this. The plan must be authorized by the Program Director and/or the Director of the School.

Time Limits for Completion of Programs

The requirements for a master's program must be completed within five years from the time of initial registration in the program. This is the time limit set by the School of Graduate Studies.

Extension of Time Limits

Extensions of the prescribed time limit for completion of a degree program may be granted for acceptable reasons, for students whose academic record is otherwise satisfactory and demonstrates substantial progress towards fulfilling program requirements.

A Time Limit Extension Request Form from the School of Graduate Studies must be completed by the student in consultation with their supervisor and submitted to the Program Director and/or Director of the School. If the School supports the request, it must then be referred to the appropriate Division. The recommendation of the Division will then be referred to the Dean for approval. Requests for a second or subsequent extension must be made on the same form but must be supported by a written explanation from the supervisor giving a detailed assessment of the student's progress and plans for completion of the outstanding program requirements.

Completion of Program

Graduate students are considered to have completed all requirements for the degree when all academic requirements have been met, when all due fees have been paid and a Master's Program Completion Form has been submitted by the Department to the School of Graduate Studies. This form details the student's program of study, the marks received, and the examination and acceptance of a project, essay or report, if required. The form must be signed by the department Head (or delegate). All courses taken by the student must also appear with a mark on the student's academic record (transcript), along with all other requirements pertinent to the degree.

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