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QPR Call for Papers | 2016/17 Academic Year

To celebrate the upcoming Canadian Sesquicentennial, the Editorial Board of the Queen’s Policy Review (QPR) is proud to announce a special Policy Conference and its 8th Annual Graduate Publication centered on the theme of ‘Canada at 150 and Beyond: Charting Progress and Emerging Challenges’.

We are presently seeking papers that discuss pressing policy issues that have and will shape Canada’s present and future. Both our policy conference and publication will be focused on the following two questions: ‘What are the policy challenges that have shaped and continue to impact the Canada of today?’ and ‘What are the emerging challenges facing public policy in Canada; and how do we begin to develop solutions to these challenges?’ 

We invite graduate students from across disciplines to present their research and/or submit papers addressing the theme in areas such as, but not limited to the following: social and economic policy, federalism, foreign policy and international development, health policy, aboriginal rights, and energy and the environment.

The QPR’s ‘Canada at 150 and Beyond’ conference will be held in March 2017 [date TBA] at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario with publication of the journal in April 2017. The deadline for conference proposals, and papers to be considered is 11:59pm (EST) January 28, 2017. Please submit all papers to qpr@queensu.ca

Submission criteria:

1. Papers must be written in English or French
2. Discuss a past or emerging public policy issue relevant to the Canadian context
3. Papers should be between 2000 and 5000 words
4. Include a 300 word abstract
5. Include a brief biographical statement of academic/research background and university affiliation
6. Only one submission per person will be accepted. The paper may be submitted individually or as part of a group.
7. We also ask that papers submitted to Queen’s Policy Review not be submitted elsewhere

In your email submission, please also indicate if you are submitting a proposal for:

1. Publication in the Queen’s Policy Review journal
2. Presenting at the ‘Canada at 150 and Beyond’ Conference
3. Both for journal publication and conference presentation


2015/16: Call for Papers

Theme: We are currently in the midst of a watershed moment in Canadian politics. The results of this election will without question shape the political landscape of our country for some time to come. In order to grasp where we are headed in the coming months we must take time to reflect on the road ahead. Fittingly, the theme for the latest issue of our journal will be Canada in Transition: Policy Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Government

Final Due Date: PAST 

Submissions must:

  1. Be between 2000 and 5000 words.
  2. Include a 100 to 200 word abstract.
  3. Keep the same citation format throughout the text. 
  4. Discuss a current Canadian domestic and/or international policy issue. 
  5. Be in ".doc", ".docx", ".rtf" or ".pdf" format.
  6. For group submissions, all student names must be clearly identified on the submitted work.
  7. Only one submission per person will be accepted. The paper may be submitted as part of a group or individually. 
  8. We also ask that papers submitted to Queen's Policy Review are not submitted elsewhere.

Please submit papers to:


2015/16 Call for Papers