Issue 5, Volume 5 (Summer 2014)


Maternal Health Without Abortion: Dubious Development or an Ethical Policy? - Marianne Poirier (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs)

Towards a Paradigm Shift in International Development: Discourses, Norms, Practices - Maïka Sondarjee (Université de Montréal)

Working the Dark Side: Torture and Economic Development - Michael Scott (Queen's University)

Reforming the Local Food Act - Matthew Stanton (Queen's University)

Issue 4, Volume 4 (Winter 2014)


'CITIZENSHIP THEATRE': Refugee Claimants, Security, and Performing Citizenship at the Immigration and Refugee Board - Samantha Jackson (McMaster University)

Stabilizing Minority Governments: A Review - Jonathan Lang (Université de Montréal)

State Feminism in Ortega's Nicaraugua - Raly Chokorova (Queen's University)

The Reality of Organ Donation: Family Consent Represents a Loss of Patient Autonomy and is a Barrier to Increasing Donation Rates - Melissa Preece (Queen's University)

Issue 3, Volume 3 (Fall 2013)


Comprehensive Land Claims in British Columbia: A Worthwhile Pursuit? - Jacqueline Lemieux (Concordia University)

The Marginalization of Long-Term Care in Canadian Federal Policy Making - Amy Twomey (Trent University)

The Russian Space Industry at 56: A Canadian Opportunity - Mark Walker (Carleton University)

Thinking About Thinking in Policy Decisions: The Need for New Approaches - Sara McPhee-Knowles (University of Saskatchewan)

Issue 2, Volume 2 (Fall 2011)


A Question of Accountability: Is Question Period in Canada Working? - Andrea Ulrich (University of Regina)

Carbon Pricing, Fairness, and Fiscal Federalism: A Cost-Sharing Proposal for Canada - Monica Tang (Carleton University, Freie Universitat Berlin)

Canada's Policy Framework for the Utilization of Internationally Educated Nurses - Glenn Horne (Carleton University)

Inuit Food (In)Security in Canada: Assessing the Implications and Effectiveness of Policy - Hilary Fergurson (Ryerson University)

Regulating Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Ottawa River Watershed - Alex Carr (Carleton University)

Getting Ottawa on Track: An analysis of Two Light-Rail Proposals - Alex Carr (Carleton University)

Issue 2, Volume 1 (Winter 2010)


Wicked Policy Matters - Tyler Meredith and Anxhela Peco, Co-Editors-in-Chief


Ethical Decision-Making in Cancer Treatment - Diane Zdybal (Queen's University)

Issues of Liability During the PostAbandonment Phase of Carbon Capture and Storage - Cayley Burgess (University of Toronto)

International Perspectives on Guaranteed Annual Income Programs - Melissa Martin (Queen's University, Osgoode Hall Law School/Schulich School of Business)

Disaggregating Responsibility: Epistemic Communities and the Political Response to the Obesity Epidemic - Meghan Spilka O'Keefe (University of Ottawa)

Issue 1, Volume 1 (Spring 2010)


Foreword: The Queen's Policy Review Joins the Fray - Philippe Mineau, Editor-in-Chief


Economic Sanctions: An Effective Tool of Foreign Policy Statecraft? - Lauren van den Berg (Carleton University)

Women, Peace and Security: Examining the Impact of Resolution 1325 on UN Disarmament and Demobilization Programs - Lauren Rutherford (University of Ottawa)

From Women to Children: Reframing Child Care in Canada - Julie Amoroso (Queen's University)

High-Speed Rail in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor: A Case for Public Investment - Perrin Valli (Queen's University)

High Time for Change: A Sound, Humane, and Fiscally Responsible Marijuana Policy for Canada - Natassia Ciuriak (Carleton University)

Book Review

"The Wrong Plan for Canada's Right" : Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution by Tasha Kheiriddin and Adam Daifallah - Jasmine Gujral (Queen's University)


The Masters in Industrial Relations Mentorship Program