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Q Success - Shape YOUR Queen's Experience

Q Success 2014 Program Calendar

Fall Term 

Session 1: Program Introduction and Personal Learning Goals

You’re finally at university, now what? In this session we introduce your peer mentor team and you’ll have a chance to network with other first year participants. We’ll also give you an overview of what the program is all about, help you to understand personal and academic challenges you may face, and work with you to create your own personal goals for success.

Week 1

Session 2: How Do I Balance It All?

Strengthen your self-management skills to balance your time and better cope in your new home and school. The key to university life and success is that it's never too early to start organizing your workload around class schedules, your part time job and any other commitments you might have on the go (don't forget it's important to schedule time in for being healthy, working out, de-stressing and taking a break). We’ll show you how! You’ll leave this session with: a weekly schedule, time management strategies and ideas on how to create a distraction free study environment.

Week 2

Session 3: Successfully Coping With Life's Curve Balls - A Mentally Healthy You!

Wellness at university is about the mind, body and soul. No matter how much we plan, there are times where the unexpected just happens. In this session you will learn some strategies to help you balance your life as a student – which can be tricky! You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of mental health, relaxation techniques, and stress and coping strategies.

Week 3

Session 4: Maintaining a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Did you know that when you take care of your mental and physical health, it’s easier to focus on reaching your academic goals? The key is to find a balance between your academics, physical activity, healthy eating and sleep. This session explores the various issues that first year students may encounter and different strategies to help you achieve balance. In this session you will: learn how to make a healthy recipe, receive information on how to build healthy meals in the dining hall, and learn about the resources available on campus.

Week 4

Session 5: Writing At University - What Do I Need To Know?

Are writing assignments on your mind? For many first-year students, writing that first university paper or lab report can be challenging. This week we provide you with some tips and resources to help with a variety of writing projects. During this session, we explore the differences between high-school and university writing expectations, practice strategies to avoid common writing pitfalls first-year students encounter, and learn techniques for becoming stronger writers.

Week 5

Session 6: Mastering Study Skills, Exam Prep and Program Wrap-Up!

The first part of this session will help you to improve your approaches to studying and better prepare for assignments, tests and final exams. You’ll leave this part of the session with an exam study schedule. In the second half of the session you will review your personal goals set in week one to see how far you've come!

Week 6