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Jack.org/Queen's Student Initiative Fund

Next fund application deadline: November 5, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.

What is Jack.org?

Jack.org is a national charitable organization aligned with Queen’s University, founded in 2010 as The Jack Project as the legacy of Jack Windeler, a student at Queen’s who tragically and unexpectedly died by suicide. Since its inception, Jack.org has raised $1.5 million which has been used to launch several impactful initiatives focused on creating conversations about mental health and encouraging young people to take care of themselves and their peers. See more at: http://www.jack.org/

What is Jack.org/Queen’s Student Initiative Fund?

The Jack.org/Queen’s Student Initiative Fund (Jack.org/Queen'sSIF) wishes to support and encourage the students at Queen’s as they take ownership of the topic of mental health and wellness on campus. Often it is students who possess the creative energy and enthusiasm to run fantastic events, programs, and activities to create real and substantial change. But the reality is, many of these things cost money, which can be hard to come by as a student.

To help with the financial burden, The Jack.org/Queen'sSIF provides funding opportunities for special projects and initiatives that support student health and wellness, with a specific emphasis on mental health.

If you or your student group/club have an initiative that needs financial support, review the application criteria below to see if you’re eligible!

Application Criteria:  

  • The project must be non-profit, and not for academic credit;
  • The applicant(s) must be a registered student(s) at Queen's at the time of application, and implement the event or program within the current or upcoming academic year;
  • The project can be developed and implemented in partnership with other Queen’s and external community mental health initiatives and organizations.

Items Eligible for Funding:  

  • Speaker fees and associated expenses;
  • Room and equipment rentals for meetings and conferences;
  • Supplies (such as labels, paper etc.);
  • Marketing, promotional or communication expenses;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Other operating expenses, not excluded below.

Items Not Eligible for Funding:  

  • Purchase of food or beverages;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Expenses such as gifts, charitable donations, wages, honouraria or volunteer recognition activities;
  • Expenses in support of individuals attending a meeting or conference.

Selection Criteria:  

Each project application will be reviewed and judged in relation to the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the project, activity or event supports student mental health;
  • The extent to which the project, activity or event builds or supports leadership and/or community-building skills;
  • The extent to which the project, activity or event is open to the Queen’s community and/or the broader community.

Funding Decisions:  

  The approval and amount of funding will be made by the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF Advisory Board and will be contingent upon:

  • The availability of funds;
  • The alignment of the project, activity or event with the stated selection criteria and priorities of the fund;
  • The potential impact of the proposed project, activity or event, including the potential for the project, activity or event to be adopted at other institutions;
  • The degree of initiative taken to raise funds from other sources. Those groups that have shown greater initiative in this area will be viewed more favourably.

Events must begin no earlier than 30 days after the submission deadline. 


Please note: Funds from The Jack.org/Queen'sSIF will be administered to successful applicants in an 80%/20% fashion. 80% of the requested funds will be delivered upfront; the remaining 20% will be delivered after a completed Report Form and updated Budget Form have been submitted.

Application Requirements: 

All applications must be submitted by email to vpdean.sa@queensu.ca

Application Form (DOCX, 35KB)

Budget Form (XLS, 29KB)

Budget Sample (XLS, 30KB)

Budget Form Instructions (DOC, 138KB)

How to Apply:  

1. Download and save the application form (DOCX, 35KB).

2. Download and save the budget form (XLSX, 29KB).

3. Fill them both out and email them to: vpdean.sa@queensu.ca by the deadline!

The email subject line should be: "Jack.org/Queen'sSIF application for [event/activity title]"

Reporting Requirements:

Jack.org/Queen'sSIF Report Form (DOCX, 22KB)

Successful applicants must complete the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF Report Form (DOCX, 22KB) and an updated budget form (XLS, 29KB) and submit them within 30 business days after the event/activity. The submission of these two documents will trigger the release of the remaining 20% of approved funds.

The report should include:

  • Title or name of project;
  • Names and contact information of person(s) completing the report;
  • Number of persons who participated in the project, activity or event;
  • Description of the event & how it met the goals of the selection criteria;
  • Include copies of media coverage if available;
  • Final budget form that includes a breakdown of the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF funds that were spent. Please keep copies of all receipts that pertain to funding provided by the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF, as they may be requested for audit purposes.

Important Notes:

  1. Travel or related expenses for individual students attending or presenting at a meeting or conference will not be funded. Travel expenses for groups of students participating in co-curricular/service learning and/or volunteer activities will be considered as eligible expenses if the overall project or activity is approved for funding and are subject to Queen’s travel policy;
  2. Sponsorship of a project, activity or event through this fund does not make it a Queen’s-sanctioned event. As such, the university assumes no liability out of or in consequence of any attendance or participation in an activity or event;
  3. Incomplete applications, or applications not containing the proper detailed information, will not be reviewed or considered for funding;
  4. Certain proposals may require additional letters of support or approval, depending on the nature of the initiative;
  5. Applications submitted by staff or faculty members will not be considered; however, staff, faculty and/or community members may sit as members of the planning/organizing group;
  6. Applications will not be accepted for projects, activities or events retroactively;
  7. Successful applications (including project title and the amount of the award) will be identified on the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF webpage, part of the DSA website;
  8. Funds from the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF will be administered to successful applicants in an 80%/20% fashion. 80% of the requested funds will be delivered upfront; the remaining 20% will be delivered after a completed Report Form and updated Budget Form have been submitted;
  9. An annual report of the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF expenditures will be sent to the Jack.org/Queen'sSIF Advisory Board.

Contact Information:

If you have any further questions, feel free to direct them to vpdean.sa@queensu.ca with the following subject line: Jack.org/Queen'sSIF Inquiry

c/o Office of the Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs
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