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Alcohol Working Group

The Alcohol Working Group (AWG) promotes the development of a campus culture in which students who choose to drink alcohol are most likely to do so in a safe manner and make decisions about their use of alcohol, free from unhealthy or coercive influences.


  • To establish an inventory of policies, programs, services and informational resources available to students at Queen’s

  • To review current alcohol-related policies, programs, services and relevant information available to students to ensure these reflect the best practices in mental health, are of high quality and are appropriate to students in the Queen’s environment

  • To recommend enhancements to existing programs and services or the creation of new programs and services where need arises or best practice suggests

  • To develop an outline of future initiatives related to the promotion of responsible alcohol use on campus

  • To  oversee  implementation of responsible alcohol use initiatives on campus.

The AWG shall meet at least once per term.  Reports on existing programs and services shall be made to the Health and Wellness Steering Committee at least once per academic year or as requested.  Recommendations and reports on new initiatives shall be made to the Health and Wellness Steering Committee for approval.

2013-14 Membership:

  • Amritpal Athwal,  AMS - Queen's Student Constables Head Manager
  • Jeff Downie, Athletics & Recreation
  • Robyn Elliott, Residence Life        
  • Bruce Griffiths, Housing and Ancillary Services - Chair
  • Kate Humphrys, Health, Counselling & Disability Services
  • Stephanie Johnson, AMS - TAPS  Head Manager
  • Apollonia Karetos,  AMS - Judicial Affairs Director     
  • Joel Keenleyside, Campus Security  
  • James MacLeod, Society of Graduate & Professional Students
  • Thomas Pritchard, AMS Vice-President (University Affairs)
  • Ellie Sadinsky, Student Affairs
  • Harry Smith, Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Samantha Soto,  AMS - Orientation Roundtable Coordinator
  • Kristyn Wallace, Marketing & Communications                                                                                      


Throughout 2012, the Alcohol Working Group (AWG) focused on reviewing the 2004/5 Campus Alcohol Policy. The entire policy was updated and unanimously endorsed by the AWG in November 2012 and approved by VPOC in December 2012. Read the policy