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Mental Health Working Group

The Mental Health Working Group (established in 2007) is one of Student Affairs' health and wellness initiatives. This group develops policies, programs, services and informational resources in the areas of health education and awareness for Queen's University. It also helps promote the availability of mental health services on campus and in the community, promotes on-campus mental health awareness programs and supports mental health crisis management and response on campus. 

Group photo of the Mental Health Working Group
Members of the Mental Health Working Group met with actress and advocate Glenn Close in June 2013 to talk about reducing stigma. Ms Close was on campus to receive an honourary degree from Queen's for her work in the field of mental health, most significantly as the co-founder of BringChange2Mind, an organization dedicated to eradicating the stigma and discrimination faced by those who struggle with mental illness. 


  • To establish an inventory of policies, programs, services and informational resources related to mental health available to students at Queen's
  • To review current mental health policies, programs, services and relevant information available to students to ensure these reflect the best practices in mental health, are of high quality and are appropriate to students in the Queen's environment
  • To recommend enhancements to existing programs and services or the creation of new programs and services where need arises or best practice suggests
  • To develop an outline of short-term and long-term initiatives related to the promotion of mental health on campus
  • To oversee implementation of mental health initiatives on campus. 
  • The Mental Health Working Group shall meet at least once per term.
  • A report on existing programs and services shall be given to the Health and Wellness Steering Committee at least once per academic year or as requested.
  • Recommendations and reports on new initiatives shall be made to the Health and Wellness Steering Committee for approval.

Membership 2014-15:

  • Arig Girgrah, Associate Dean of Student Affairs - Chair
  • Mike Condra, Director, Health, Counselling & Disability Services (HCDS)
  • Lauren Armstrong, Health Promotion, Student Wellness Services (formerly HCDS)
  • Lorne Beswick, SGPS representative
  • Cara Chen, Director, AMS Peer Support Centre
  • Shannon Hill, Human Resources
  • Justin Kerr, Queen's University International Centre
  • Stacey Kiefer, Residences
  • Stephen McNevin, Student Health Services, Student Wellness Services (formerly HCDS)
  • Andrea Phillipson, Graduate student-at-large
  • Manuela Rodriguez-Bowen, Undergraduate student-at-large 
  • Ellie Sadinsky, Student Affairs
  • Kristyn Wallace, Marketing & Communications 
  • Emily Wong, AMS Social Issues Commissioner