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Named General Bursaries

Named General Bursaries have been made possible due to generous donations from specific donors.  If a student is selected to receive a General Bursary the name of their bursary may be amended to one of the named General Bursary awards.  Only the name of their award will change; the value of their General Bursary assistance will not change depending on the name of the award.  If a student demonstrates financial need based on their application, but does not qualify for any of the named General Bursary awards, they will be granted assistance through a general pooled fund.  Please note that the amount of the General Bursary assistance a student is assessed to receive is not impacted by their eligibility/ineligibility for any of the named General Bursary awards.  All students who wish to be considered for General Bursary assistance must submit a General Bursary application.