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Queen's University

 Alphabetical Listing: # - C

46th Queen's
Abbott, Catherine E.
Aboriginal Admission Award
Abrams, W. J.
Abramsky Prize in Physiology
Abramsky, Harry Prize in Hebrew
Abramsky, Harry Scholarship
Abramsky, Joseph Prize
Abramsky, Shirley
Abramsky, Harry and Ethel
ACC Bursary
Accenture Scholarship in Applied Science
Accenture Scholarship in the School of Business
Adams, Gordon
Adamson, Ann
AECOM Canada Ltd. Scholarship in Geological Engineering
ATF Bursaries for the Disabled
Aird and Berlis LLP Award for Overall Academic Achievement
Aish Award
Akl, Selim
Alder, William
Alessio, Marco
Ali, Sukaina Memorial
Allan, Helen Lucile Memorial Scholarship
Alumni Advisory Committee Scholarship
Alumni Association Bursaries
Alumni National
American Society for Metals Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (Kingston)
AMS Accessibility Queen's Bursary
AMS Native Student Awards
AMS Sesquicent
Anatomy and Cell Biology Undergraduate Research Prize
Andrews, Flora Shannon Bursary
Andriesky, Mitchell and Wilda
Anglin, Douglas
Anglin, W. G.
Angus, William
Anhalt, Istvan and Beate
Ansley, Frederick and Christopher
Applied Rock Mechanics Scholarship
Applied Science 1997
Applied Science 1999
Applied Science 2003
Ardal, Pall
Arkley, L. M.
Armstrong Bursary
Armstrong, Ernest
Armstrong, Peter R. B.
Arts '01 Fellowship in English
Arts 1909
Arts 1915 Prize
Arts 1950
Arts 1951
Arts 1957
Arts 1971
Arts 1973
Arts 1978 Bursary
Arts '70 Study Abroad Award
Arts and Science 1954
Arts and Science 1972
Arts and Science 1979
Arts and Science 1997
Arts and Science 1998
Arts and Science 1999
Arts and Science 2002
Arts and Science 2003
Arts and Science ThankQ 2004
Arts and Science Undergraduate Society Scholarships
Arts Management Award
Arts/Commerce 1944
ArtSci 1993
Ashbaugh, Grace Adelia
Asplund, C. Thomas
Associated Medical Services/Boyd Upper Award
Athletic Admission Award
Athletic Renewable Admission Award
Athletic Student Bursary
Austin, Prudence
Babcock and Wilcox
Bader International Study Centre Award-Dalhousie University
Bader International Study Centre Bursary
Bader, Alfred Fellowship in Memory of Jean Royce
Bader, Alfred International Study Award
Bader, Alfred Prize in Jewish Studies
Bader, Alfred Scholarship in Art History
Bader, Alfred Scholarship in Chemistry
Bader, Isabel Award for Costume
Baillie, A. Charles
Baker & MacKenzie Labour and Employment Law Scholarship
Baker, Ann
Baker, Gordon
Baker, Manley
Baker, William Coombs
Balanchuk, Mary L.
Balder Entrance Awards
Ball, May and Murray Sesquicentennial
Bamji International Practicum Placement Award
Bamji, Jal
Bamji, Viloo
Ban Righ Centre Bursaries and Awards
Bank of Montreal Award
Bankes, Betty Jean and John M.
Barker, Reginald
Barkley Scholarship
Barr, Marion
Barsky Prize
Bartlett, Fred Lamble
Bater, Robert
Battersby, Andrea
Bauer, Alan
Bayne Sellar Boxall Award
Bayne, Colin
BCom 1980 Award
Beacock, E. Stanley and Nadine M. Scholarship
Beacock, E. Stanley Bursary
Beatty, David
Bechthold, David
Beck, Ivan T.
Beck, Jeff
Bedore, Hugh and Bernie
Bell, John W.
Bell, Shirley
Bellinger, Doug
Benidickson, Agnes Bursary
Bennett, Christopher R.
Bennett, James A.
Benson, Honourable Edgar
Bereskin and Parr Prize in Patent Law
Berkeley, Margaret
Berkley Petroleum
Bernstein, Mark A.
Berry, Leonard
Berry, Nathan E.
Bertram, H.
Best, Robert Wallace
Betts, Victor Alfred
Bevan, Major
Bieler, Andre
Big Sky Fund
Biggs, Ronald and Deanna
Birch Hill Equity Partners
Birkenshaw, Ethel
BISC International Award (Admission)
BISC International Award (Upper Year)
Black, Dave
Blackwell, Beverly
Blaine, J. Delmar
Blair, Bryan
Blake, Diane
Blakely Family International Study Award
Blakes Scholar Award
Blythe, Danny
Boag, Thomas
Board of Trustees Bursary
Bocking, James Henry Memorial Scholarship in History
Bocking, James Prize in Economics
Bogart, Flossie
Bogstad, Patricia
Bonsteel, Richard
Booth, James
Borden Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award
Boxall, Ernest
Boyd, Frederick
Brachman, Dr. Ben Scholarship
Bracken, Franklin and Helene Scholarship in Medicine
Bracken, Franklin and Helene Scholarship in Nursing
Bracken, William James
Bradden, Michael
Bradley, James P.
Brady, Patrick
Brahms, Johannes
Braide, Janet
Brake, E. C.
Brannagan, Danny
Brebner, Dr. Arthur
Breck, Dr. Wallace
Brison Family Awards
Brooks Crowe
Brooks, John Award
Brooks, John Foundation
Brough, James and Mary
Brown and Partners LLP Scholarship
Brown Buchanan
Brown, Catherine
Brown, C. Lawrence
Brown, Donovan
Brown, Dr. James
Brown, George A. & Elizabeth
Brown, James Gordon
Brown, Michael Memorial
Brown, Orville
Bruce, Robert (ArtSci)
Bruce, Robert (Engineering)
Bruce, Robert Bursaries
Bryan, Hugh
Bryce, Beatrice
Buckles, Harry
Buncel, Dr. Erwin  
Burkinshaw, Dame Sylvia
Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer
Burns, Tom Bursaries
Burns, Tom Commerce
Bursary for Studies in Africa
Burton, C. S.
Business Forecasting Luncheon Award
Buttery, Ronald M.
Cairncross Bursary
Calderisi, Ronald Memorial
Caldwell Bursary
Calgary Alumni Bursary
Camelford & White Memorial
Cameron Applied Science Scholarship
Cameron, J. Herbert
Camm, Phyllis Hough Memorial
Camm, Phyllis Marion
Campbell Memorial
Campbell, Helen Richards
Canada Law Book Company Book Prize in Conflicts
Canada Law Book Company Book Prize in International Law
Canada Law Book Company Book Prize in Torts
Canadian Association for Ileitis and Colitis Book Prize
Canadian Association of Geographers Prize
Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Award
Canadian Officers Training Corps (C.O.T.C.) Bursaries
Canadian Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship
Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering Bursary
Canadian Society for Chemistry Award (ArtSci)
Canadian Society for Chemistry Award (Engineering)
Canadian Union of Public Employees 1302 (CUPE 1302) Bursaries
Cannon, Bill
Canuel, James D.
Capello, Jason
Cappon, James
Carnelos-Bamji Memorial Bursary
Carney, Jeff and Carolyn
Carr, G. Kenneth
Carrel, Senator Frank Bursaries
Carrel, Senator Frank Upper Year Scholarships
Carrel, Senator Frank Merit Scholarship
Carruthers, Kenneth B. (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)
Carruthers, Kenneth B. (Mining Engineering)
Carther, John Angus
Carty, Peter
Cassels Brock and Blackwell Insolvency Prize
Cassels Brock and Blackwell LLP Centennial Award in Constitutional Law and Human Rights
Cassidy, A.
Cassillis, David F. and Sylvia
Cave, Harold and Helen Scholarship
Cave, Harold M. Scholarship in Experimental Physics
Cave, Harold M. Undergraduate Travel Scholarship
Canvin, David
CFUW Kingston Club A. Vibert Douglas Award
Chancellor's Scholarship
Change, Su-Wen
Chaplain's Bursary
Chemical Engineering Alumni
Chepesiuk, Martin
Chernoff Family Award
Child Care Bursary
Child, Helena
Child, Robert J.
Chisholm, Jessie
Chisholm, William
Chown, Stanley T.
Christie, George
Chubb Insurance Company Bursary
Clark Family Entrance Award
Clark, Doris
Clark, R. H. Applied Science
Clarke, Betsy
Clarke, Heather
Clarkson Essay Prizes
Class of 1961 Old Testament Scholarship
Class of 1994 Single
Cleland, Helen
Clendenning, K. A.
Cliff, Reverend Dr. H. Welsford
Clifton Macdonald
Clothier, James Osborne
CMC Electronics Scholarship
Cogan, Stephen
Cohen, Beatrice (Steuer)
Cohen, Beatrice and Harold, Award in Engineering
Cohen, Beatrice and Harold, Award in Medicine
Cohen, Beatrice and Harold, Award in Psychology
Cohen, Beatrice and Harold, Prize in Medical Ethics #1
Cohen, Harold Arthur
Cohen, Harold Arthur Book Prize in Music
Cohen, Harold Arthur Book Prize in Religious Studies
Cohen, Harold Arthur Bursary
Cohen, Isaac Scholarship (Engineering)
Cohen, Isaac Scholarship (Medicine)
Cole, Dennis
Cole, Robert
Cole, Robert F. and Helen
Cole, W. H.
Coleman Taylor, Lilian
Coleman, George
Collom, Frank
Commerce 1948
Commerce 1954
Commerce 1956
Commerce 1966
Commerce 1972
Commerce 1981 Entrance
Commerce 1987
Commerce 1988
Commerce 1992
Commerce 1993
Commerce 1996
Commerce 1999
Commerce 2002
Commerce 2006
Commerce 2008 Exchange Bursary
Commerce 2009 Award in Memory of Baha Bekenov
Commerce '74 Award
COMMitment 1997
COMMitment Entrance
Community Commitment Award
Community Foundation Fund
Concerto/Aria Competition Kingston Symphony Prize
Concerto/Aria Competition Queen's Symphony Prize
ConeTec Geotechnical Award
Conn, H. G.
Conner Hale, Mary
Conn-Gilbert Award
Connolly, Edwin
Cooke, George L.
Cooper, G. Joseph
Copp, L. W.
Corbett, Maurice G.
Cordy, Ruby
Cordy, Ruth
Corlett, A. V.
Cornett Awards
Cornett, William
Cortlandt MacKenzie
Coughlin, Lieutenant Commander
Courtnage, G. E. Ted
Courtright, Mary
Cowan, H. Arnold
Cowan, Nathan  
Cowie, Murray
Cox, David
Craig, Margaret
Craine Professor Scholarship
Cramm, Jennie Shibley
Cramm, W. H.
Crandall, Dr. Robert
Crane, Martha J.
Criminal Lawyers' Association
Cronk, Sam
Crossroads Bursary
Crummy, Ruth
Csatari, Stephen
CSEP/SCPE Undergraduate Student Award
CSME Gold Medal
Cumberland, Robert William
Cunningham, W. B.
Curran, H. W.
Curran, Wes and Dorletta
Curtis Memorial Foundation Prize

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