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Queen's University

 Alphabetical Listing: O - R

O, John
O'Connor, Fergus
O'Farrell, Anne Gertrude Award in Engineering
O'Farrell, Anne Gertrude Prize in First Year Geography
Ogilvy Renault Award
O'Hara, Margaret
O'Hara, William (Medicine)
O'Hara, William S. (Law)
O'Leary, Grattan
O'Neil Scanlon

Ong, Gim Chye/Nona, CPE

Ontario Hockey Association Scholarship

Ontario Power Generation Award

Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation Scholarships - Admission 


Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation Scholarships - Upper Year

Opportunities Entrance Scholarship
Orica Canada Ltd. Scholarship
Orr-Fry, R. G. Bursary
Orr-Fry Prize in English
Osgoode Society Legal History Book Prize
OSOTF Bursary
OSOTF General Bursary
Ottawa Ladies' College Excellence Scholarship (Admission)
Ottawa Ladies' College Excellence Scholarship (All Upper Years)
Ottawa Women's Canadian Club Bursary
Ottawa Women's Canadian Club Scholarship
Overton, Herbert and Stella Awards in Music
Overton, Herbert and Stella Award in Drama
Padfield Award
Pahle-Whitaker Award in English
Paithouski Prize
Pannell-Grant Awards
Papoe, James Russell
Parcher, Fred
Parcher, Fred and Kay
Parents' Bursary
Parisi, Joseph
Parker, Hal
Parker, Virginia
Parkes, David
Parrish, M. R.
Parsons Award in Geotechnical Engineering
Parsons Scholarship in Geological Engineering
Pasquet, Pierre
Pathways to Education
Pattee, Lance
Patterson, L. J. Prize
Patterson, L. J. Prize in Medical Genetics
Patterson, L. J. Prize in Mine Management
Patterson, N. D.
Patterson, W. J.
Patton, George and Mary Louise Memorial Scholarship
Patton, George and Mary Louise Scholarship (Engineering)
Patton, George and Mary Scholarship (Medicine)
Payne, Pearl Book Prize
Pearson, Barbara C. Memorial Prize
Pearson, Barbara C. Memorial Scholarship
Peneycad, Alf
Pentland, Mark Howard
Percival, John A.
Perkins, Stanley H.
Perras Shugart
Peruch Memorial Bursary
Peters, Frederic
Peterson, Robert B.
Petrie, Christopher
Petter, Craig
Pettit, Mark
Pfizer Warner-Lambert Student Technology Bursary
PHE 1975
PHE Canada Student Award
PHE Thank Q Bursary
Philosophical Perspectives Book Prize
Physics Department Award
Piasetzki Nenniger Kvas LLP Scholarship in IP Law
Pichler, Frank S.
Pickard, Franklin G. T. Memorial Bursary
Pickard, Franklin G. T. Memorial International Award
Pierce, Alfie Entrance
Pitt, Stanley and Jean Bursary
Pitt, Stanley and Jean Distinguished Alumni Entrance
Plumley Family Award for Football
Plumley Family Award in Applied Science
Plumley Family Award in Arts and Science
Plumley Family Award in Law
Plumley Family, Physical and Health
Plumley Family, School of Business
Political Philosophy Book Prize
Polk, Danielle
Pollard, Frank G.
Pollock, Denny Hunter
Pollock, Mr. and Mrs, H. R.
Polson, Hannah Washburn
Polson, Neil Currie
Polycorp Ltd./Kumar Scholarship in Mining Engineering
Pomeroy, John
Poole, W. H.
Potvin, Nancy
Pound, W. T.

Poynton, Charles Ambrose Memorial Award


Prado, Carlos & Catherine, Chamber Music Prize

Preston, Lillian
Pridham, Willis F.
Prince of Wales Prizes
Principal's Scholarship
Principal's International Scholarship - India
Principi, Vincent
Professors For A Better Queen's Bursary
Professor's Prize in Community Health and Epidemiology
Professor's Prize in Emergency Medicine
Professor's Prize in Family Medicine
Professor's Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor's Prize in Ophthalmology
Professor's Prize in Otolaryngology
Professor's Prize in Paediatrics
Professor's Prize in Psychiatry
Professor's Prize in Surgery
Project Hero Award
Protti, Anne Home
Purcell, Michael and Catherine
Purvis, Douglas (Bursary)
Purvis, Douglas D.
Puxty, John
PwC/Christine Sinclair Scholarship
PwC International Awards
Qaid-i-Azam Prize in Political Studies
QSB Student Exchange Award
Quattrocchi, Phil and Rose
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Award
Queen's Alumni Association Toronto Branch Award
Queen's Appeal Undergraduate Scholarship (Nursing)
Queen's Appeal Undergraduate Scholarships (Arts and Science)
Queen's Bursaries
Queen's C. A. P. Prize Examination Award
Queen's Criminal Law Association Award
Queen's Health Sciences Journal Research Article Prize
Queen's International Student's Society
Queen's Law Alumni Bursary
Queen's Law Students' Society Millennium Award
Queen's Medical Student Bursary
Queen's School of Business Entrance Scholarship
Queen's University International Entrance Scholarship
Queen's University Staff Association
Quigley Savor Family Bursary
QUIP International Tuition Award
Rae, John Prize in Political Studies
Raman, K. Venkata
Ramella, Remo and Ida
Rankin Scholarship
Rattray Bequest in Urology
Rattray Scholarship in Family Medicine
Rattray Scholarship in General Pathology
Rattray Scholarship in Ophthalmology
Rattray Scholarship in Physiology
Rattray Scholarship in Special Pathology
Rattray, James H. Memorial Bursary
Rattray, James H. Memorial Scholarships in Applied Science
Rattray, James H. Scholarships in Science
Rattray, Major James H. Bursary
Rattray, Major James H. Scholarship in Geology
Rattray, Major James H., M.C., Prize in Mining
Rauch Family Entrance
Rawlyk, George
RCAF Protestant Bursary
Rector's Bursary
Reeve, Helen McLeod
Reeve, Ted
Rehab Society Alumni Bursaries
Rehab Therapy Society
Rehabilitation Therapy Class of 1970 Bursary
Reid Patience
Reinhardt, Carl Entrance Scholarship
Reinhardt, Carl Scholarship
Reinhardt, Carl Scholarship in Physics
Res Ipsa Loquitur Bursary
Reynolds, Margaret
Rhodes Scholarship
Rice, Frederick
Richardson, Robert G. Memorial Scholarship
Riches, Dorothy
Rigby, Marc D.
Rini, James Memorial Scholarship
Roberts, Denys
Robertson, A. M.
Robertson, Rob Prize
Robinson Ryan Award
Robinson, Harry Cameron
Robinson, Kirk and Sandra
Rocca, Roberto
Rock Mechanics Achievement Scholarship
Rogers, Norman, Ian and Lorna
Rogers, Rector Norman McLeod
Rosen, Irving
Rosen, Regina
Ross, Alvin Craig
Ross, Irene Joan
Ross, Marion
Ross Memorial Bursary
Rotary Club of Kingston (Robert Charles Wallace) Bursary
Rowell, Newton
Roy, James A. Memorial
Royal Canadian Air Force WWII Award
Royce, Jean Fellowship
Royce, Jean Memorial Bursary
Ruddell, Albert H.
Rumball & Pinkney
Ruggles, Richard
Russell Family Entrance
Russell, Derek Award for Excellence in Marketing
Russell, Derek Award for Excellence in Operations/Information Technology
Russell, J. J.
Rutherford, David
Rutherford, G. Kenyon
Ryan, Kathleen Bader International Study Centre Award
Ryan, Kathleen First Year Program Award
Ryan, Kathleen International Exchange Bursaries
Ryan, Professor H. R. S.

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