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FAQs - Admission Bursaries


Students applying to a full-time, direct entry, undergraduate degree program for the first time can apply for the Admission Bursary Program.

The Admission Bursary Application can be found under the Finances ~ Financial Aid section of your SOLUS Student Center, which is accessed through the MyQueensU Portal(Once you have applied to Queen's, you will receive your Net ID and further instructions about accessing your SOLUS Student Center.)

The deadline to apply is February 15 of the year you are planning to enter university.

Recipients will be notified of an admission bursary decision at the same time they receive an Offer of Admission from Queen's.

If you missed our February 15 admission bursary deadline we'll continue to accept applications until your admission response deadline. After this date you can apply for a General Bursary once you are a registered student at Queen's.

If you missed the General Bursary deadline and are experiencing financial difficulty, you can still apply.

If your circumstances are an emergency, you should contact the Student Awards Office to make an appointment with a Financial Advisor.

Because the bursary program is need-based, funding is directed to those students with the greatest financial need who have the fewest options to fully finance their education. Students who receive a bursary are expected to access government student financial assistance (e.g. OSAP).
For most students and their families, the financing of your Queen's education will involve a variety of resources. Very few families use only one source, although you and your families will bear the greatest responsibility for your education. We do acknowledge for some families their “willingness” to assist their son or daughter may be limited by their “ability” to fully finance their university education. Decisions regarding eligibility for Queen's bursary assistance are based on the parent's ability, not willingness, to assist their son or daughter.

The University will assist students who demonstrate the highest financial need and the fewest options to finance their university education.

Yes. To do so you need to submit a written appeal by the designated dates. Your appeal should give information that was not included on your original application.
Bursaries are granted to students based on their current level of financial need. If you are not able to attend in a given year you cannot defer the bursary to use in another year. You may apply for a General Bursary when you are a registered student at Queen's and your need will be evaluated based on your circumstances at that time.
No, if you indicate on your Admission Bursary Application that you want to be considered for Work Study it will have no bearing on your assessment for bursary funding.
Admission bursaries are applied directly to your student fee account mid August.
If there is no explanation provided to describe the type of error message, the most likely cause is the "time-out" feature. The Admission Bursary Application will "time-out" after 30 minutes of inactivity. You may wish to compose and save your text responses in a word processing document, then "cut-and-paste" into the Admission Bursary Application.
You may see all of your Queen’s awards and scholarships on SOLUS Student Center. To view your awards, simply log into SOLUS and click on “View Financial Aid”, in the “Finances” section. Once there, you will be able to view your scholarships and awards by academic year.