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FAQs - General Bursary


All Queen's student enrolled full-time or part-time in an undergraduate or graduate degree program of studies may apply for Queen's need-based bursary assistance.

  • General Bursary - Fall-Winter online application deadline October 31
  • General Bursary - Summer online application May 31
  • Exchange Bursary - PDF application deadline January 15
  • BISC Bursary - PDF application - As soon as possible, and no later than two weeks prior to departure for respective upper-year BISC study session

More information and links to the applications on the General Bursary section website.  The applications are also available on the Form/Applications section.

If you missed a Bursary deadline and are experiencing financial difficulty you may submit the application; however, the application must be submitted at least one-month prior to the end of the term.  If your circumstances are an emergency, you should contact the Student Awards Office to make an appointment with a Financial Advisor.
The bursary program is need-based and funding is directed to those students in the greatest need who have the fewest options to fully finance their education.   Students who receive a bursary are expected to access government student financial assistance (OSAP).
I have received a General Bursary, however my bursary this year is less than last year's even though my financial situation hasn't changed ...

Queen's remains committed to offering a variety of student financial assistance options, and in particular, remains committed to assisting those students who demonstrate the greatest financial need.  Due to the limited amount of bursary funds available and the increasing demands for need-based assistance Queen’s may adjust bursary amounts each year to ensure the funding can continue to be distributed to students demonstrating financial need to assist them with a shortfall between their resources and the cost of attendance.

Students are considered to be dependent on their parents for four years after graduating from high school.  You and your family have the primary responsibility for paying for your education.  Decisions regarding eligibility for Queen's bursary assistance is based on the parent's ability and not willingness to pay.   Queen's need-based assistance will be used to assist those students in the greatest financial difficulty.
I was denied a General Bursary because I chose to only receive the grant portion of my OSAP. Why?

The Queen's General Bursary is a need-based program meant to supplement, not replace, government student assistance (loans and grants). Therefore, all domestic students accessing OSAP are required to apply and utilize all government student assistance before being considered for a General Bursary. Students who do not apply for student loans and grants likely have other options available to them and will not be considered for bursary assistance.

Yes. Student must submit the Request for Bursary/Award Appeal or Reassessment form for consideration which can be found in the General Bursary -  Decision Information and Appeal section.
Resources earned from part-time employment will be considered in the assessment of financial need.
Decisions regarding bursaries will be communicated on SOLUS. All bursaries are paid to the students’ accounts. If your student account is paid in full, a refund will automatically be issued to you via electronic funds transfer in February. Please ensure that your banking information is up-to-date on SOLUS.

Students who have a credit balance in their account will automatically receive a refund directly deposited into their bank accounts throughout the month of February once Winter Term open enrolment ends, and offices have been able to confirm enrolment / course load.

Students should ensure their banking information on SOLUS is complete and up to date as refunds will ONLY be processed using electronic funds transfer.

Special Notes:

  • Students who have completed their degree can email to request a refund.
  • Students receiving OSAP who have a credit in their student account will automatically have their account reviewed by the Student Awards Office prior to a refund being issued.  OSAP policy requires that tuition fee refunds are to be forwarded to the National Student Loans Service Centre to be applied to a student’s OSAP loan debt.  Therefore students with an overpayment on their current year OSAP account may have some/all of the tuition refund applied to their OSAP loan debt to reduce/eliminate the OSAP overpayment.
  • Students experiencing Extenuating Circumstances can identify the circumstances which warrant a refund prior to February.  The Office of the University Registrar will review each request on a case/case basis.  Refund Request forms have been removed from the Registrar’s web site until the automatic refund process completes in February however, students are being instructed to email if they request any refund prior to February with an explanation of their extenuating circumstances.
You may see all of your Queen’s administered awards and scholarships on SOLUS (Student Center)! To view your awards, simply log into SOLUS (using your Queen’s NetID and password) and click on the “View Financial Aid” hyperlink, available in the “Finances” section. Once there, you will be able to view your scholarships and awards broken down per academic year.

Please contact the IT Support Centre at 613-533-6666