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FAQs - Study Abroad


BISC need-based bursaries are available to students participating in either the Queen's first-year program or the upper-year program. The deadline for the first-year program bursaries is March Students participating in the BISC upper-year program can study at various times during the year and therefore students may submit a bursary application at various times during the year.
Yes. Apply for government student financial assistance through your home province selecting Queen's University as your post-secondary institution.  Arrangements must be put in place well in advance of your departure. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards) for further information.
No. Students who are participating in a Study Abroad on a Letter of Permission are not eligible to hold scholarships, defer scholarships, or apply for bursary assistance for the period they are studying at another institution.   Students are not normally eligible to receive funding from the visiting institution. However, students participating in a Queen's Bilateral Formal Exchange are eligible to hold scholarships and apply for bursary assistance for the period of their formal exchange.
Yes, (need-based) Exchange Bursaries are available to students who are participating on a formal, bi-lateral, Queen's exchange and for students studying at the BISC.
The renewable scholarship is retained if you are participating in a formal, bilateral Queen's exchange or if you are studying at the BISC.

If studying at the BISC the renewal average will be calculated on your average achieved while at the BISC .

If studying on exchange for a full year (Fall and Winter) you must successfully complete the equivalent of a Queen's full-time course load.

If studying on exchange for one term (e.g. Fall or Winter) your renewal will be based on successfully completing the equivalent of a Queen's full-time course-load in that term plus achieving the required average during the term of study at Queen's.