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Student Awards

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All students are encouraged to apply for the Queen's General Bursary.  However, the following guidelines will be used in the assessment of each application:

  • Students must be currently enrolled in full-time studies in a Queen's degree program (part-time students are eligible to apply and will be assessed on an individual basis)
  • Students must apply and be assessed for government student assistance (generally applies to domestic students or permanent residents of Canada)
  • Students in receipt of OSAP who decide to decline the loan portion of the OSAP entitlement will be ineligible for General Bursaries
  • Students in receipt of OSAP must complete and submit the Confirmation of Income to OSAP.
  • Students must be demonstrating financial need as assessed by the Student Awards Office

Financial Need

Financial need is based on, but not restricted to, the following factors:

  • Family income
  • Number of dependents in the family
  • Number of dependents in post-secondary studies
  • Applicant's financial assets and resources (including savings)
  • Applicant's government student assistance assessment
  • Available line of credit
  • Cost of program of study (tuition fees, book, supplies and basic living expenses)