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Summer General Bursary

Instructions and Application:

Spring/summer studentsGeneral Bursary assistance is available to students who are attending full-time or part-time studies during the Summer term. 

If you are in a study period greater than 34 weeks (i.e. Graduate students, third year Medical students, and Advanced Standing Nursing students), you have already been assessed for General Bursary assistance during the summer period on the Queen's General Bursary application.  These students should not submit a Summer General Bursary application. 

Additionally, if you are participating on a Queen's Formal Exchange or studying at the BISC during the Spring/Summer session please visit the  Queen's Formal Exchange or Bader International Study Centre (BISC) section of the website for information on funding options. 

Summer students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Accounting (GDAP) and students who are registered in Additional Qualification (AQ or ABQ) courses are not eligible for government assistance or for Summer General Bursary.

All other eligibility criteria can be reviewed in the section “Eligibility and Financial Need.”

When completing the budget information only report your costs and resources for the period of time that you will be registered during the Summer session. 

The Summer General Bursary application is available through SOLUS (Student Center) in the Financial Aid section and must be submitted to the Student Awards Office by May 31.