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Emergency Assistance

AMS Emergency Taxi Fund:

The Emergency Taxi fund, funded by the AMS, was created for students with temporary mobility impairments, who require taxi assistance to and from campus and classes.  The AMS financially supports a number of accessibility programs for students.  As a result the amount of funding for the Emergency Taxi fund is limited.

AMS/SGPS Out-of-City Healthcare Travel Bursary:

Established in May 2016 by the Alma Mater Society and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students, and awarded on the basis of self-identified need on the part of the applicant who requires financial support to attend healthcare appointments outside of City of Kingston, generally with a Specialist.  The amount of funding for the Healthcare Travel Bursary is limited.

Emergency Bursary:

In the case of an emergency when immediate assistance is required, students should contact the Student Awards Office directly.

What is considered an emergency?

  • Any circumstance where the student is experiencing unexpected financial strain due to circumstances out of their control may be considered an emergency.
  • Some examples include: sudden illness or death in the family resulting in travel, loss of property due to fire, assault or robbery of personal possessions, etc.

What is NOT considered an emergency?

  • Outstanding Tuition and Fees to the University
  • Expenses related to financial concerns of pets, friends, or family members (i.e. medical/dental/home repair/parent’s mortgage payments)
  • Travel for leisure or to visit family
  • Temporary delay of funding

Options for financial concerns that are not an emergency include:


Cash Flow Difficulties:

If you are having a temporary cash flow difficulty (e.g. your government student assistance funding is not arriving until mid-September, however you require funds now to buy books), you may wish to considered applying for a Short Term Loan.  Students with temporary cash flow difficulties will not be considered for Emergency Assistance.