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Changes and Audits

Making Changes to Your Application:

You have the ability with the online application form to save your progress on the application and log in at a later time to make changes.  However, once you have submitted your application you will no longer be able to make changes. It is strongly encouraged that students read the instructions on this site carefully and review their application before submitting it.

If you need to make revisions or changes you must submit a written request (email from your Queen's email account will be accepted) to the Student Awards Office. Please clearly outline the changes you would like made to your application. All changes, documentation and/or correspondence with the Student Awards Office MUST include your full name and student number. If you chose to submit your request via email it must be sent from your Queen's email account to  Emails from non-Queen's email accounts will be disregarded.

The deadline to submit changes to the Student Awards Office is October 31.

Changes in Your Student Status:

If there is a change in your course load or if you are no longer a registered student, your General Bursary will be reassessed and you may be required to repay all, or a potion, of any award you received.  If the bursary was paid towards your Queen's tuition and fee account then the amount of the overaward will be retrieved from your student account.  If the payment was made via EFT to your personal bank account, then you will be requested to return the overaward to the University. 

Reassessment and Audits:

Applications will be audited on a random basis.  Information provided on your Queen's General Bursary application may be compared to the information provided on your OSAP application to verify its accuracy.

If a student's bursary application is audited, the student will be expected to provide the appropriate documentation to the Student Awards Office, such as debt load, resources available from various sources, copies of receipts for expenses claimed, etc.  If the supporting documentation is not provided the bursary could be reassessed and you may be required to repay all or a portion of the bursary.