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Student Awards

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Academic Progress Requirements

Definition and Requirements: 

It is a student's responsibility to successfully complete (pass) at minimum 60% of a full course load during the term of study for which they are receiving OSAP funding. Students with a permanent disability must successfully complete (pass) at minimum 40% of a full course load.

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If a student does not satisfy this requirement they will be in one of the following 2 situations:

A) Academic probation - first instance of not successfully completing the academic progress requirements

B) Academic restrictions - second, and any subsequent instance(s) of not successfully completing the academic progress requirements

    You will receive notification and further instructions from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development if you have been placed on either an academic probation or an academic restriction. 

    Appeal Options:

    If you are placed on an academic restriction you can appeal to have the restriction waived from your account for 1 year in order to apply for OSAP funding.  Please visit the Appeal Options section for a link to the OSAP Review Manual.  Instructions for appealing an academic restriction are outlined in the Manual.  Please note that students must appeal each year to have the academic restriction waived until they are released from the restriction.