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Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (OSOG)

Please Note:  The Ontario Student Opportunity Grant will discontinue at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (OSOG) is designed to reduce a student's annual OSAP debt.  For complete information including eligibility and conditions please visit the OSOG section of the OSAP website.

2016-2017 OSOG limits a student's annual repayable OSAP loan debt to be no more than:

  • $7,500 per academic year for a student enrolled full-time in a 2-term period of study (e.g. Fall-Winter)*
  • $11,250 per academic year for a student enrolled full-time in a 3-term period of study (e.g. Fall-Winter-Summer)*

Below is an example how OSOG would affect a student's OSAP debt load at the end of an academic year.  This example is based on an full-time undergraduate student (studying over the Fall-Winter), who received maximum OSAP funding. Please note that OSOG is assessed on a case by case basis.

2016-2017:  Undergraduate Student Receiving Maximum OSAP


  • CSL = $7,140
  • OSL = $5,440

$370 x 34 weeks



Ontario Tuition Grant (upfront)

$950/term for degree programs

$435/term for diploma or certificate programs



Canada Student Grant (upfront)








OSOG $12,580 - $7,500 = $5,080
Repayable   = $7,500 (43.0%)
Non-repayable $5,080 + $2,950 + $1,900 = $9,930 (57.0%)