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Bursary Overpayment

Beginning in 2013-14, the minimum threshold for collecting a bursary and/or grant overpayment (e.g., Child Care Bursary, Bursary for Students with Disabilities, and the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities) increased to $250. The minimum bursary and/or grant overpayment that will generate a bursary overpayment restriction is $500. No overpayments will be generated for the Child Care Bursary for the 2014-15 academic year and forward.

Bursary/grant overpayment amounts of $250 or more are forwarded to the Collection Management Unit, Ontario Shared Services, to manage collection activities. Students who have a bursary or grant overpayment may contact the Collection Management Unit at the address below to make payments and/or confirm which private collection agency has been assigned collection of the debt:

Collection Management Unit
Account Management and Collections Branch
Ministry of Finance
33 King Street West
P.O. Box 627
Oshawa, ON L1H 8H5
1-800-387-5604 (toll-free) or (416) 326-0500 (within GTA)

In order to remove the Code 66, students must repay the full amount of the bursary/grant overpayment. If a bursary/grant overpayment is paid in full and this is reported to Finance by CMU, Finance will remove the Code 66 on the account.

If all criteria for reinstatement are met and the student becomes eligible to receive OSAP funding during a study period, the student will be assessed from the start of the study period, provided all applicable deadlines are met.