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OSAP Appeals

Credit Checks

Students who fail their OSAP credit check can apply for review if they can demonstrate all of the following:

  • their financial difficulties were due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g. job loss, marital breakdown, illness, etc.);
  • they are now financially stable; and
  • they will be able to repay any further student loans that may be issued to them.

Documentation Required:

As indicated on the Credit Check Review form, the student must provide all the following to support their review request.

  • A letter outlining the timeline of events that resulted in their financial difficulties, including:
    • An explanation of how the circumstances that led to their financial difficulties were beyond their control.
    • Documentation to support the events outlined in their timeline. Examples of possible documentation include:
    • proof of layoff or job dismissal (e.g., Record of Employment, letter from employer);
    • proof of marital breakdown (e.g., separation agreement, divorce judgement, court order);
    • documentation from a professional third party who was directly involved in the event(s) outlined (e.g. family physician, police  officer, social worker);
  • A budget that clearly outlines how they are addressing their current debts and living expenses, including:
    • Documentation to support the information in their budget. Examples of possible documentation include:
      • proof that the student participated in credit counselling and/or other efforts made to improve their credit rating;
      • proof the student has paid their recent bills on time (e.g., rent/mortgage payments, utilities, credit card payments);
      • proof that the student has a stable income source that allows them to meet their current living costs and pay down their outstanding debts (if applicable).
    • A letter explaining they plan to repay any OSAP loans that may be issued to them, including details to support their repayment plans:
      • the field of employment/type of job they plan to pursue after completing their program of study;
      • any career counselling they’ve participated in that supports the suitability of their program of study to their career choice;
      • the annual income they expect to earn;
      • the job opportunities that exist in their planned field of employment; and
      • how their program of study supports their employment plans.
      • Students who have indicated “yes” to the question “Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or initiated a related event?” must provide the Liability Page of their bankruptcy document.